Wednesday, June 12, 2024

Sex “Keeps a Man” comes to Botswana

Sex “Keeps a Man” is a book in demand which is already making sales in the United Kingdom and soon to launch in Botswana. 

While many people especially the youth, shy away from openly talking about sex, Bogadi Serumola has put down her own experience with sex in black and white. 

She is a 23-year-old Motswana lady, a nurse by profession, a counseling therapist in training, content creator and social entrepreneur and is currently in the United Kingdom in Liverpool. 

“People are placing orders in Russia, London, Manchester, Ireland and more.” she celebrated. The book is selling overseas and she cannot wait to share it with her fellow Batswana on the 12th December when she returns home. 

Knowing life as it is, Serumola is aware that she is not the first nor the last person to have an ‘awful’ encounter with sex and was brave enough to share her own experiences hoping to help someone who has been or is going through the same. She says it is not part of her to see an issue where she could help and turn a blind eye. Serumola would rather sacrifice her own privacy to educate those who may still not be aware of both the perks and detriments of sex and also its worth . 

In a video review of her book, the 23-year-old has expressed that her sex life has completely changed since she wrote the book. She explains that she now knows what to do when it comes to decisions around sex and how much it is worth keeping and also worth giving wisely. Just as ‘Thank you’ is a complete sentence, so is ‘No’, she emphasized. 

In the interview, she was careful not to spill too much of the beans but highlighted that the book is personal to her and exposes more than readers would imagine. Serumola says she fears the book may make people look at her differently, possibly compromising her future relationship, but she knew she had to publish it and share her story with the world. 

The book mainly communicates self love, self worth, self respect, ‘sex is amazing’ and God. The author possesses a strong attitude and does not wish to be victimized with her book. Rather, it is meant to inspire and to educate the public on issues surrounding sex and its purpose.


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