Sunday, May 26, 2024

Rammidi rubbishes P500 000 bribe of BCP councilor

Botswana Democratic Party campaign coordinator in Tonota North Kentse Rammidi has rubbished claims by a BCP (Botswana Congress Party) councilor for Sebina South Ward, Mogomotsi Lemogang, that a BDP delegation tried to lure him into the party with a P500 000 bribe.

Rammidi has dismissed the allegations as baseless.

During a BDP press conference in Francistown recently, Rammidi, who is campaigning for Tonota North BDP hopeful, Fidelis Molao, made a vengeful attack on the councilor and the BCP for creating a conspiracy and trying to blemish the BDP in its race for the Tonota North race elections.
“Those statements are true rubbish and malicious in order to blemish the image of the BDP,” he maintained.

He went on to state that if indeed the BDP is recruiting members from the opposition by giving them stacks of money, why does the opposition fail to take the evidence and trap the BDP to win the hearts of the voters.

He conceded that he and the BDP delegation indeed approached Lemogang, a former BDP member, after they were tipped of his interest in rejoining the party and he was the one who requested them to assist him with money in return as he is in a financial crisis.

“He is the one who even pleaded with us to assist him with P20 000 to prepare for a marriage and we told him that it is not in our policy as the BDP to lure members by bribing them,” Rammidi said.
Rammidi said he is confident BDP will win Tonota North Constituency.

He said his only worries is that many people do not registration cards.
“In many wards in the Tonota constituency, people do not have voters registration cards and the main example is Mabesekwa Village in which about 133 people do not have registration cards,” he told the press briefing.

Rrammidi pointed out that they are currently appealing to the Independent Elections Committee (IEC) to assist the different wards with registration cards for those who have lost their cards.
The Tonota North Election marathon is planned for next weekend and the tug of war will be between the three candidates, Fidelis Molao of the BDP, Dr Habaudi Hubona of the BCP and MELS candidate Mbayani Phalalo.


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