Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Rollers’ Shah and Goboiwang to discuss divorce settlement

The seven year running power struggle between Township Rollers’ financier Jagdish Shah and his estranged partner Somerset Gobuiwang is far from over, and indications are that there will be lots of tears before bedtime. The two blood rivals will next week have to grin and bear it as they sit across a restaurant table at Wimpy to discuss an amicable divorce.

Should the meeting slated for August 10th at Wimpy western bypass come to pass, it will mark the first civil divorce settlement since the feuding duo decided to terminate their partnership

The power struggle between Gobuiwang and Shah for the control of undoubtedly the biggest football club in Botswana has dominated newspaper headlines over the years.

Gobuiwang roped in Shah to assist him run the team in 2012 as it was financially overwhelming for him to run it alone. As an investor, Shah was to share Gobuiwang’s financial burden of keeping the team in peak performance. Gobuiwang has already started turning Rollers professional and the pair formed Township Holdings, a  company in which each held a 40% while Rollers (the society) owned the balance of 20%. Things however turned sour as Shah accused Gobuiwang of failing to contribute towards his 40%. This forced Gobuiwang into the backseat while Sha ran the show.

Until recently, it seemed the Rollers management, led by Shah, would never sit down with Gobuiwang. In a recent article in one of the local publications, SPOTKICK, Shah was quoted as saying  “between me and Somerset there is no room for reconciliation. We have to accept that and go on with our lives.”

Things however seem to have changed and the meeting between the two rivals is allegedly convened to persuade Gobuiwang to sell his shares to Shah or to the society so that he ceases being the shareholder in the team as he is not wanted.

Shah is said to be seeking total control of the team to enable him to make decisions on everything related to Rollers. Gobuiwang on the other hand is said to be willing to listen to what the Rollers committee has to say or offer before making decisions on whatever will be tabled  before him.

Contacted for comment Gobuiwang could neither confirm nor deny the allegations that he was approached by Rollers management to talk about his stake in Township Rollers Holdings. 

Meanwhile, a source said at the meeting, said Gobuiwang intends to demand to know whether Township Rollers has been submitting yearly returns .

If it has indeed been submitting returns, he would seek to know why he was never furnished with the financials.

It is said Gobuiwang will not accept the Rollers management demands without demanding compensation .

“The current management tarnished Gobuiwang’s image . They have all along claimed he was a ‘foreigner’ whom they did not know and was worthless. Why do they need him now?” asked the concerned supporter who did not want to be named.

The feud between Gobuiwang and Shah has divided the team. Gobuiwang is of the view that whatever discussed would have to go through lawyers for legal advice before he makes the decision.


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