Monday, July 22, 2024

Ryushin-Kan International karate Do Botswana launches in Maun

The launch of a new dojo of Ryushin-Kan International karate Do Botswana in Maun has been hailed as successful.

This has given its chief instructor in Keorapetse Dube an opportunity to train and welcome new students into karate and martial arts.

Dube, who is a Renshi and 5th Dan black belt, said they are passionate about karate development in the country hence they are expanding to other places in the country hoping to grow with time.

After the training, there was grading of athletes. Dube said “all grading certificates will be awarded by the Ryushin-Kan international karate do federation Grandmaster Soke Takeshi Masuyama who holds 10th Dan black belt.”

“Grading is a traditional way of ranking karate members with their time and experience in karate, Martha Chilume will be overseeing our Maun branch under my supervision,” Dube opined.

Dube further added that Chilume was overdue for grading as she attained her first grading in 2014, hence she will be leading in Maun. 

When asked of her duties, Dube said: “Martha will be helping spread their karate style, grade white belts – blue belts under my supervision.” 

He said: “She will ensure that all students are adhering to karate ethics and discipline. This decision was reached based on her experience and knowledge of karate fundamentals, basic and advanced katas, endurance, mental strength and leadership or expertise.”

He said: “Note that this karate programs helps to reduce gender based and domestic violence, generally curb indiscipline as we instil A high level of discipline or self control from young age and elders.”

“We want to support Botswana Karate Association long term athlete development strategy and grassroots development of Ryushin-Kan international karate Do Botswana, also community development,” Dube noted.

Moreover, Dube added that these trainings contribute immensely to karate development in the country. “Recruiting new students and young age, or grassroots development contribute a lot to BKA overall strategy of athlete long term development strategy which allows a kid to be taught constantly through out his life stages until he is fully developed for high performance strategies,” he said.


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