Sunday, May 29, 2022

SA police give Botswana ultimatum to hand over murder suspect

The South African authority has given Botswana a deadline to arrest and hand over a murder suspect who is still hiding in Botswana.

A South African police service spokesperson in the North West province Lift Colonel Lesego Metsi has told The Telegraph that Botswana has been given until the 11th of next month to “arrest and extradited a motswana murder suspect.”

“Already a warrant of arrest has been issued by the South African magistrate court but I am unable to divulge as yet the identity of the suspect until the suspect is arrested,” said Metsi.

He said they have already filed the extradition papers through the South African Interpol so that they suspect could stand trial in South Africa.

He said they have identified the suspect who is about 30 years of age and is accused of killing a 43 year old South African woman.

When contacted for comment, detective superintendent Kuda Seretse of Interpol Botswana said “my office has not received anything from South Africa Interpol regarding the matter therefore I cannot comment on something that I have not received as yet”.

He said Botswana Interpol always assists South Africa or any other country that needs their assistance when they have information about suspects who are hiding in Botswana.


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