Friday, September 22, 2023

Police attempts to link suspect to serial killer fall through

Police attempts to link a 31-year-old man suspected to have murdered a 66-year-old woman in Xhaega cattle post near Mmadikola Village in Boteti to Sebina serial killings have failed.

Police linked the suspect to the Sebina killings after they became convinced that the way he murdered the 66-year-old was similar to murder incidents that left more than two women dead last year in Sebina. Rakops Station Commander, Supritendant Makgope Oageng, stated that the police suspected that a 31 year old suspected murderer could be the serial killer because he came from Sebina village.

Oageng said that the police were also suspicious that the way a 66-year-old woman was killed was similar to murder incidents in Sebina.

He said that the suspect was taken to Sebina village where he denied to have been involved in a series of murders that had targeted women.

Oageng said that the police are now convinced that the suspect was not a serial killer unless the DNA tests prove that the suspect is the one who committed murder incidents in Sebina.

“For now┬áthe suspect will face a murder charge after giving a confession statement that he indeed murdered a 66-year-old woman in Xhaega cattle post,” said Oageng.

Residents of Mmadikola at the time of the incident were suspicious that a women who was found decomposed in her house could have been murdered for muti purpose.

Oageng disputed suspicions among the community that the woman could have been killed for muti purpose as more than five residents who went missing have never been found in the past.  

“There are no signs that she was possibly murdered for ritual purposes,” said┬áOageng.

 Meanwhile Oageng further stated that they had one incident in which a 11 year old died after he drowned in Boteti river in Khumaga village while he was swimming with his younger brother.


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