Wednesday, May 29, 2024

Sebata set to launch fourth album

After being out of the music industry for a while to focus on pursuing his pastoral calling, Andrew Sebata is back with his fourth album that is intended to sensitise the public on the importance of Tithing in the church. The album which is titled ‘Chegumi’ meaning ‘Tithing’ will be launched this weekend at Revealed Word Ministries.

Sebata explained that the album has 11 songs on it and although all the songs carry different meanings, they all boil down to one meaning of giving back to the community. He continued that the album was born out of the realisation that God has been so good to him ever since his childhood days. “I realised that the perfect gift I can give God is to preach His word and hopefully reach many of his children even those in faraway places,” he said.

He added that part of his reason for this album was also to give back to the community that shaped his values and gave him the opportunity to fly high in life. “This album is my way of saying thank you to all who were present during my struggles, those who offered me a shoulder to cry on when I needed one and mostly those who gave me advice about life,” he said.

Sebata further said that the album also encourages people to give back to the community and help in all possible ways they can. He said it teaches people to be selfless and to think of others instead of only thinking about themselves. “The Bible teaches us that blessed is the hand that gives than the one that receives, so, in other words, we get our blessings from giving others,” he said.

He added that the album is a fusion of contemporary gospel which stretches from Afro Jazz, House, and Zim tradition to Botswana rumba and classical music. “It actually caters for all music lovers and people of all ages can enjoy listening to all songs without feeling bored or irritated,” he said.

The launch of the album is slated for the 29th of this month and Sebata said they are expecting a large crowd not only from the church members but also from the public. The launch will feature another great musician from Zimbabwe called Allen Mhlanga who has done music with some of the best gospel musicians in South Africa including Patrick Duncan. There will also be performances from other great gospel artists including the likes of Matthews Matsetse, Kabelo Erick,Enock Gore and Pastor Diana from Ghana.

“People should expect fireworks on the day, good music as well as great worship, the night will be full of fun as we will be praising Jesus and thanking Him for all the amazing work he has been doing in our lives,” he said.
Sebata emphasised that the launch is meant to unveil his music to the public but much more it is intended to help musicians connect as artists and with their fans.


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