Friday, December 1, 2023

Setswana Week kicks off

The annual Setswana week got off to a start as Maru A Pula students, with the help of various performers, put on a stellar show. The crowd at Maitisong was part of a spectacle that involved acting, singing and dancing with the companionship of a live band.

The question of Setswana culture was at the forefront of the night’s events. Dialogue in other languages, such as Kalanga, helped to try and unite Batswana to stand behind the idea that we are all Batswana.

The show centered around a young girl who is on a journey to recapture the essence of her culture and is helped along the way by tales recited and teaching by her grandfather.

The need to preserve a wonderful language and heritage was fundamental during the show as they contrasted western-influenced students, compared to traditionally rooted students who are shunned away.

The performances on the night had audiences laughing and cheering at the parody of the show.
The belief that regardless of what sport, we are united behind that sport as we are represented by that one.

After the show, a member of the audience, Lame Matlhape, commented on how she learnt quite a bit but also enjoyed the entertainment.

“I’m very much a city girl but it was good to be taken into the realm of our tradition and culture. I missed out on that as a child so somethings were new to me,” she said.

The theme of the night was Puo: Letlotlo la Setshaba (Language; A Country’ Pride).

Though the night’s event was filled with stellar performances, BDF Band, Vee and the Sedibeng choir were amongst some of the highlights.

Vee was as energetic as ever in his performance and was a definite crowd pleaser.

The crowd was filled with not just Batswana, which was good to see as it showed that even non-citizens are taking time to embrace the local tradition that is disappearing.

The Setswana week, which was launched in 2008, was aimed at raising awareness of the Setswana culture. The Setswana Week was spearheaded by the Setswana Department at Maru A Pula, supported by the Batswana staff. Each year, a committee is made to help bring the event together.
The Setswana Week will continue with quizzes and games in the week to come.


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