Monday, October 26, 2020

Sex education off the hook!

When University of Botswana male lecturers compile a list of perks and incentives for their job, many never fail to put female students at the top of the apex.

And when they discuss notches, you can be sure it’s not salary scale notches they are talking about, but rather the number of notches on their bed posts.

They boast that their success with female students is down to one thing: oodles of charm and good looks. To male students, there is, however, a more plausible explanation for the exploits of the elderly lecturers; they are trading sex for better grades.
University of Botswana is awash with amazing stories of sex for grades.

Young female students, more interested in abs than in labs, more interested in triceps than tripods will abjure their lecturers for the company of their peers, but none the less male lecturers know there will always be one or two female students who flash their admiration and ask for private tutorials. Then there will be a host of many others who think nothing of sleeping with lecturers in exchange for better grades.

In the campus corridors, it is almost an article of faith that all a female student needs to get their university degree is a pretty face, nice curves and be sexually liberated. And the female students’ idea of preparing for examinations means flaunting their curves and even dropping their knickers.
UB student government president, McDonald Rakgare, confirmed that the university management is aware of “sex for grades” allegations, which are doing the rounds on campus.

In an incident that scandalized the UB academic community and threatened to uncover the bedroom shenanigans that are allegedly widespread at the university campus, a UB lecturer was last semester investigated and sacked following “sex for grades” complaints.
Despite ingrained suspicions that these incidents could be widespread, so far this has been the only case to reach the official disciplinary levels.
Rakgare says sacking the UB lecturer was not enough.

“He should have been banned from teaching. There is no guarantee that if he gets a teaching post at another college he will not do it again.”

University lecturers enjoy a god-like status and the power to make and break the careers of their students. There have been repeated unconfirmed claims of students being coerced into sex by the lure of good marks or the threat of bad ones.

At another level, similar allegations have been made of students prostituting themselves to get a degree.

A former UB student relates the story of a colleague whose grades were so low she could never have passed.

“We were surprised to see her name on the graduation list. We simply joined the dots and a sinister picture emerged: That she slept and romped her way to a university degree.”


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