Friday, July 19, 2024

Shanti Lo says farewell to Maitisong

Maitisong once again played host to a special night of jazz music as Shanti Lo hosted his farewell performance before heading off to Stockholm, Sweden, to entertain a wider and bigger audience.

The singer performed two sets that included songs from jazz musicians and some of his own hits.

The crowd turnout was good with almost half of Maitisong seats taken up, with tickets going for P100.

Fans received Shanti Lo’s performance with enthusiastic shouts.

Not looking to steal all the limelight, Shanti Lo allowed the crowd to marvel at the large set he had on stage.

First the man on the saxophone, then the pianist got their recognition and applause from the audience as they played their instruments without Shanti Lo providing any vocals.

Shanti Lo’s performances were made even more extraordinary because of the different languages in which he sang some of his songs.

Renowned for his eccentric cross dressing, Shanti Lo kept the audience’s eyes well on his attire, which reflected something more out of a Japanese massage parlour.

His set included a very formal look with the jazz instrument players wearing suits and ties. Two female vocalists ably supported Shanti Lo in a number of songs on the night.

Though he speaks with a soft voice, Shanti Lo’s voice reverberated around the hall as he added bass for a number of hits that he performed.

Not one to shy from interacting with the audience, he helped make a real spectacle with his constant smiling and laughing in between performances.

His trip to Sweden will be part of a five day musical festival.


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