Sunday, May 19, 2024

South African musician to appear in court over death of Motswana citizen

The case in which a South African singer, Tokollo Tshabalala, is facing two charges of causing the death of a Botswana citizen, Marea Monyatsi, by dangerous driving close to ten years ago is scheduled to be heard in Gaborone on October 2, 2007.

Prosecutor Matlhogonolo Phuthego said the postponement was made in order to allow Tshabalala a chance to seek the services of an advocate who can come and represent him here as well as for the advocate to apply for admission to practice in the country.

This comes after a long stand off in the matter. Tshabalala recently decided to drop the case he had instituted in the Courts in his country opposing extradition to come and stand trial here voluntarily.
This happened after Botswana’s Directorate of Public prosecution had filed a case in the South African courts demanding that he be extradited to Botswana to stand trial.

The first attempt apparently failed on technical grounds but the DPP relaunched the case and that was followed by Tshabalala volunteering to come and stand trial instead of coming here through extradition.

Phuthego admitted that there has been a lot of delay in bringing the case to the Court but said that he was confident this time around it will be heard as the suspect is now cooperating.

“I think there will be progress this time around after all the delay,” he said, adding that the delay was caused by the suspect who was reluctant to come to Botswana voluntarily leading to extradition hearings.

Tshabalala has, in the past, been quoted by the South African papers vowing that he would never set his foot in Botswana. That happened after the first extradition application had failed.
The case is being closely monitored by the South African press, mainly the “Daily Sun” which specializes in saucy stories about the country’s “celebrities”.


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