Sunday, June 16, 2024

Special ingredient

After seven consecutive hours of hardship driving through the thick mophane forest, we finally arrive at Shashe where Mma-Mabotse continues the legacy her husband has left behind at the cattle post. We find no one home except those skinny dogs left behind to act as a deterrent in case anything amiss happens.

After a few minutes, they finally come. They probably heard the roaring car coming. As always, the greetings first le gone go botsana matsogo. Gentlemen then marshal under a shade, not because they have nothing to do but because they have had one too many to drink. Once mxaa!! they come up with the theories most have never heard before. Then I guess these theories direct from the khadi they have been drinking.

Surprisingly, khadi has no external fermentation catalyst but it is so potent that Tshamo comes up with many and unbelievable theories as if he was my father’s Lister engine vomiting water at the cattle post. Having known Tshamo for practically all my life, I then get to ask myself gore kante gatwe go rileng? Chi mngwe nyana chiapo! What is the secret ingredient within khadi that makes my Mpintshi this confident, and eloquent? Those observant will also tell you that when you take in the sip you close one eye. It is not the rule of the game, but it happens spontaneously. Kare o panya leitlho.

“Nyaa! Hoo ke a gana. Are you still going to tell me that this chap is never this vocal? E bile he is the opposite of what I am seeing right now”? Asked Matambanaso with a confounded face. Nee-magents, I am beginning to be suspicious too. I will have to secretly interrogate Mma-Spoto gore what exactly is the secret ingredient. I also hear that Ododo was as defensive as never before when his boss thundered at him after going out before providing the cattle with water. He even told him gore kana he does not even own a single cow in the kraal so the owner of the cattle should water his cattle himself.
“Wayaka, not Ododo! Tierrr is the one who could say all those”. I personally heard him tell his boss gore where ever he goes he does not take along the engine together with the borehole, so he better go draw water for his cattle.

All of a sudden, I finally know the special ingredient that changes these guy’s personalities. Yes! There is an element of fermentation, which results in the presence of alcohol. But it cannot be this strong on its own, jaanong I finally saw Mma-Spoto’s secret. Waitse!! the reason why she has bottled this inside is because the special and potent ingredient ke moroto wa tshwene. Alas!!!

“Son of Papa”


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