Thursday, February 29, 2024

Speculation over Pilane’s relations with Ntuane and Motswaledi

The Botswana Movement For Democracy (BMD) spokesperson, Sidney Pilane, has denied snubbing his party’s press conference hosted this week by the BMD treasury to announce that it had paid off its interim chairman, Gomolemo Motswaledi’s legal bill.

The press conference was held at the party office and Pilane was conspicuously absent.

Party insiders have disclosed that Pilane deliberately missed the press conference because he was peeved by comments in the local media attributed to BMD deputy chair, Botsalo Ntuane, to the effect that the party would be crippled if Motswaledi, who is currently on leave, were to return to work at the University of Botswana.

However, in an interview with this paper, Pilane denied deliberately staying away from the press conference.

He said that he had communicated with interim treasurer, Guma Moyo, and informed him before hand that he would be away.

“I worked very hard to have the BDP bill reduced by P135 000, how can I snub an occasion to celebrate the success of an effort to raise the money required to discharge the debt in full. I did speak to Guma Moyo and explained to him why I could not be at the press conference,” said Pilane.
“Whoever said that to you is making mischief.”

He, however preferred to be tightlipped about allegations about his disdain over what Ntuane said.
It is alleged that there is a subtle tension between Ntuane and Pilane. The two men are not one of BMD’s best political buddies.

While Ntuane supports Motswaledi for the party leadership, close sources reveal that Pilane feels Ntuane is trying to make a cult figure out of Motswaledi.

“That is not a matter I would like to discuss,” he stated. “The import of what Ntuane said has been misunderstood; people have raised it with me and I have said they have misunderstood him.”


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