Wednesday, September 28, 2022

Spies call on Khama to intervene and bring sanity at DIS

The Directorate of Intelligence and Security (DIS) operatives have appealed to President Ian Khama to intervene and bring stability within the spy agency following the resignation of its Deputy Director Tefo Kgothang.

A considerable number of DIS operatives, who spoke on condition of anonymity for fear of reprisals told this publication that they were shocked after learning that Kgothang was sacked from DIS.

They said they have not been informed officially that Kgothang is retiring from the public service but only learnt from their colleagues that he was given marching orders.

Sunday Standard investigations have unearthed information that matters came to a head when DIS head, Isaac Kgosi and Kgothang exchanged harsh words after the latter complained among others that only former military officers were given priority over former police officers as far as promotions are concerned. Sources say the relationship between the two men has never been a cordial one.

“We are not surprised that Kgothang was pushed out. It was bound to happen. Some of us regret why we joined DIS because only those who come from military intelligence are the ones who are favoured when compared to those who are from the police service,” they said.

The DIS operatives further lamented that it is unfortunate that DIS has now lost the little credibility it has adding that something has to be done to restore both its stability and credibility.

“Even us the operatives we do not know how our future will unfold and what will happen at the end of the day after Kgothang’s departure,” one of them said.

They appealed to President Khama to intervene and act urgently to bring stability as divisions have the potential to affect the security of the country.

While information reaching this publication indicates that Kgothang was pushed out, he denied as untrue such allegations in an interview with Sunday Standard.

He said he retired.
He said his departure had nothing to do with divisions plaguing the spy agency.

Acclaimed as a crack intelligence analyst, his departure comes six years after the spy agency was established and has since been surrounded by controversies that resulted in the Directorate on Corruption and Economic Crime (DCEC) to investigate the agency.

Information passed to this publication indicates that on the 27th May late in the afternoon Kgothang was served with dismissal letter instructing him to leave “with immediate effect.”

It is understood that his dismissal came after he refused to sign promotion forms after he allegedly complained of how the promotions are being conducted as they appeared to have been favouring certain individuals.

“I have retired and I am now a pensioner,” Kgotlang said.

He said he retired from DIS last month {May} after working in the public service 20 years.

“I have not been fired and that is rubbish,” he stated. He said his intelligence career started way back while he was a police officer attached to Special Branch unit which was later turned in to Security Intelligence Service (SIS) that later gave birth to DIS in 2008.

He said at SIS he was the deputy director holding the rank of a senior assistant commissioner.

Kgothang indicated that he is not yet certain about his next move as he is still weighing options. He ruled out the possibility of joining politics.

Source within the intelligence community say detective senior assistant commissioner David Mosetse from the Botswana Police Service is expected to replace Kgothang.

Mosetse is currently heading Crime Intelligence Bureau that also works hand in hand with DIS.

Contacted for comment, Kgosi declined to comment and referred this publication to Kgothang.


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