Friday, July 19, 2024

St. Louis rewards Rolex watches

Much like a Rolex timepiece, St Louis Export is well-crafted; it is made with only the finest ingredients by a master craftsman.

The Silver Monde Award winning St Louis Export is offering the brand’s discerning consumers an opportunity to win equally well-crafted prizes. A Rolex time piece is the ultimate grand prize in this competition.

Amakura Erbynn, KBL’s Premium Beer Marketing Manager, explained that since launching St Louis Export 3 years ago, the brand has enjoyed a loyal following of consumers who make things happen.

“We are excited to run this competition that offers St Louis Export consumers an opportunity to own another exceptional brand, a Rolex timepiece. The competition will take the premium brand experience to consumers throughout Botswana. We would like to use this as a way to connect with our consumers and celebrate the premium St Louis Export brand with them.”

The competition starts December 1st and will run until February 18th 2013 culminating in a live draw on radio to select the winner. To enter the competition all consumers have to do is purchase a 340ml St Louis Export from a participating outlet. This will entitle the consumer to 1 card out of a series of 6. After all 6 cards in the series have been collected they will create a unique St Louis Export image. When all 6 cards have been collected the consumer must complete the entry details and submit the cards into a St Louis Export branded entry box. The specially marked boxes are to be found in any participating outlets country wide.

St Louis Export is also enjoying a popular following in a short period of time on social networks, Facebook and Twitter. The social network fans will also have access to a web-based competition on Facebook. The St Louis Export Memory Game is open to anyone who can Take a Closer Look and has a sharp memory. A weekly winner will automatically be entered into a draw to stand a chance to win the Rolex or many other prizes. No entrants under the age of 18 will be allowed to enter any of the competitions, on Facebook and otherwise.

“We aim to interact with all consumers of St Louis Export and give them an opportunity to enjoy an extension of a Botswana crafted premium beverage. The competition will give St Louis Export consumers an opportunity to interact with the premium brand nationwide,” she said.


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