Sunday, January 24, 2021

Stilettos; women’s ultimate fashion accessory

High heels have become the ultimate fashion accessory for every woman in the global fashion environment. It has become a trend that every lady who is informed about global fashion trends has to have one or two pairs of heels in her wardrobe.

Is it that our women have become slaves of fashion, or is there another driving force behind their love for high heels? Stilettos have become the ultimate symbol for the urban, independent, extremely fashionable and unquestionably sexy woman. Past global fashion and film icons like Marilyn Monroe and Pamela Anderson all wore stilettos. Because of the status that has been accorded the stiletto, every 21st century woman who is well versed on fashion trends has to have a pair or two in her wardrobe.

Research suggests that women wear stilettos because it has been discovered that men are generally attracted to women on high heels, as they find them more attractive.

“Stilettos make my breasts look a bit larger, my legs longer and my bum sexier” said a woman who was asked why she loves heels.

The belief that stilettos give an optical illusion of longer, slimmer legs and that they alter the wearers’ posture and gait, making the bust and buttocks more prominent, has actually encouraged more women to purchase more stilettos and wear them frequently.

The stiletto remains sophisticated, smart and elegant. Women feel that stilettos make them feel more feminine and let’s face it; they are much more elegant than a pair of tennis shoes. Women find the shoe itself more erotic and seductive. That the stiletto has over the years dominated women fashion, especially foot wear, has convinced many that there is something peculiar, and extremely special, about the shoe.

While women’s legs have been one of the most attractive features and man-grabbing centre of attraction for men, stilettos have enhanced the allure of women’s legs and made every woman who wears high heels somewhat seductive. The high heel has changed the way women carry themselves, such that they walk a bit differently, with the pelvis sort of jutting out, when they wear stilettos.

But the fact is that the stiletto has been doing more harm than good. Statistics show that about 82% of women who wear stilettos suffer from foot pain, and a further 72% have been faced with foot abnormalities, including ingrown toenails, fungus, calluses, bunions and corns. According to a survey done by the American Podiatric Medical Association, stilettos come with a lot of complications on the human body .They have discovered that stilettos trigger points and put pressure on different parts of the foot that will lead to head aches ,migraines, nervous tension and even anxiety. They also discovered that women who wear high heels for extended periods of time are at an increased risk of high stress levels in their backs, knees, hips and shoulders. Stilettos have proven to be very uncomfortable; they encourage the wearer to center their body weight on the ball of the foot such that they will be practically tiptoeing as they walk.

Despite repeated warnings about the negative effects of stilettos, women of the world continue to wear high heels. Despite their impracticality, their popularity remains undiminished. As Terry De Havilland, a UK shoe designer has said “people say they are bad for the feet, but they are good for the mind.Whats more important?”


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