Monday, August 8, 2022

Striving to always look younger than you are is a useless effort

I can’t recall how many times I have heard my mother say: “I was beautiful, in fact, I was more beautiful than you.”
But as I looked at her deeply wrinkled face with the extra lines, I tried to imagine her during her heydays but couldn’t just picture her like me.

As time passed, leaving the changes that come with the passage of time, I noticed the tracks of a former beauty.
Beauty had, indeed, left its indelible mark on her.

But she grew older and beauty could only reluctantly let go of her; it had done its part during its time.

We all would like to stay young and full of energy, but this we cannot do. We must therefore find ways to adjust our minds as nature adjusts our bodies to the changes of time.

There is nothing new about the desire to stay young.

Years ago, people wore special charms, went to various pilgrimages and to various shrines just to keep themselves from growing old. But the story was always the same.

You cannot reverse the march of time.
Heredity influences are very strong in determining the length of a person’s life yet many people look for some way to stay young and run from one plastic surgeon to another.

For almost half of their life they have been content with how they look, but when they get to middle age, they become obsessed with their looks, so much that they would part with millions to correct or prevent the process of aging.

I wonder what drives people to go to such lengths. Why is the thought of looking older so scary ? What is in youth that we want to hold on to so badly?

Always thought those extra lines come with wisdom, and they add a richness and depth of character never seen in our young years.

We have heard that maturity and wisdom come with age so do we prefer to forgo wisdom to maintain youthful looks?
Women, especially, are so very much concerned with beauty and staying young that they have outdone their male counterparts.

Somehow 9 in 10 women will have something to complain about themselves as they grow older; the lists become endless.

But why would I want to turn back the hands of time and look like a sixteen year old daughter? Why would a woman of middle age dress like a teenage girl? What is driving women to behave like this; is it because they are trying to please someone, who would expect them to look the same after years? Who is that who does not understand the law of nature: “a flower sprouts blooms, wilts and dies”.

Of course, who else other than the middle aged husband who will leave his middle aged wife and run around with my teenage daughter.

Any woman will always try to protect her marriage, thus they run from pill to pill, try every facial cosmetic and, of course, the rich ones go for plastic surgery.

But do the man stay younger, or do their wives chase young men? Majority of the women that I know have stayed true to their marriage vows, so what’s wrong with our men. Why have they caused such a commotion among women? Do they really like their women full of silicone and remodeled in plastic?
Does the man stop fooling around once their spouses use the transforming cosmetics?

It is high time men recognize the efforts women make to look younger and stay true to them.

Sisters, you don’t need all that; a real man does not chase after a girl the age of his daughter.

It is not women who need a makeover but it is the man who needs a brain makeover.

Have you considered some of the playboys are newlyweds with beautiful young wives but they still run around chasing other women? The cycle never ends; the chase never stops.
It’s not you the woman. It is them, the men.

It’s not about you but it is their untamed never satisfied nature. Science has discovered that those magically transforming cosmetics actually cause greater harm than good, as the process of aging continues.

Some of these products are not medically approved; the manufactures that are money hungry sneak them onto the market, and they play on vulnerable innocent women, who would do anything to stay young.

Any man who would want his wife to stay young is better off with a plastic doll because humans grow older by the day.
Besides all we do, the passing of time always brings subtle changes that we cannot ignore.

As for me, I face each day as it comes, do everything to look presentable but not try to look like the teenage girls.


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