Sunday, August 7, 2022

Suspected serial killer posed for pictures with Khama

In his last “happier times” Kodak moment, the Kanye suspected serial killer was photographed in a pose with President Ian Khama at the Botswana Democratic Party (BDP) National Congress in Kanye over the President’s Day long weekend.

Oreeditse Mokoti, who was last week found dead, hanging from a blanket strip in a police cell, attended the BDP congress dressed in white, black and red and posed for pictures with President Khama.

Mokoti, 35, of Metlobo Village near Mmathethe, was the prime suspect in six murders in Kanye and had phoned the police that he was aiming for 100 murders.

Mokoti is reported to have attended the BDP Congress where he stole a mobile phone handset. The investigating team, using hi-tech listening equipment, managed to locate the suspect and arrested him at his Zimbabwean girlfriend’s Kanye house.

Mokoti managed to penetrate the President Security detail at the BDP Congress and had several photos of himself taken with the President.
It is believed that his pictures were taken by independent photographers who attended the conference.

In an interview with Sunday Standard, the Director of the Directorate of Intelligence Service (DIS), Isaac Kgosi, confirmed that the suspected killer had pictures of himself taken posing with the President at the Kanye Congress.

Kgosi said there were a number of people who were shooting pictures during the Congress and some had the opportunity to take pictures of Mokoti standing with the president.

Kgosi said at the time they had already received information about Mokoti and were monitoring his movements. He said the president also was informed about the suspect.

Kgosi further said they wanted to be sure that they had their man before arresting him, “therefore it would have been unprofessional to arrest him in public as he did not pose any threat at that point”.

“The security of the president was not compromised at all; we acted professionally and we did not want to cause any panic at the Congress,” said Kgosi. “Let me assure the nation that the president’s security was very tight as always.”

The suspect was buried over the weekend at his home village in Metlobo.
It is reported that, before his arrest, the suspect attended all the kgotla meetings that were called by both President Khama and the paramount chief of Bangwaketse on separate occasions.

Although an affidavit in the form of a confession had not been recorded and commissioned before a judicial officer, the suspect is said to have confessed before the investigators that he is linked to only four killings of the six reported cases, allegedly taking investigators to the scenes of the crimes.


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