Saturday, September 26, 2020

A photographer who took shots of the Kanye serial killer still waiting for his prize

A photographer who took a picture of Kanye serial killer who posed for a picture with President Ian Khama last year says he is still waiting for his long promised prize.

An independent photographer who has long been hiding from the press has now shared the news of how he met the suspected serial killer and how he managed to photograph him before his death in a police cell.

Speaking to The Telegraph at his studio, Edward Phale said “I attended Botswana Democratic Party BDP congress that was held last year in Kanye when I first met the suspected serial killer.”
“The suspect looked very strange to me although we met on two occasions while attending BDP congress,” says Phale.

A day before President Khama was due at the Congress, Phale said he had a chart about Christianity with the suspect for more almost an hour.

“The way he responded and questioned me was very strange which left me speechless” he said.
He said after the chart he left and drove to Gaborone.

“I stopped at the hiking sport and there were some ladies who wanted a ride but they decided to run away from me probably thinking I was a killer.”

He further said “I was very hurt but I wanted the suspected killer to be arrested because he has killed a lot of people in a very short space of time”.

The following the president arrived at Congress and people were allowed pose for a pictures with the president.

He said at that time he was the only photographer who was taking pictures.
And the man who later turned out to be a suspected serial killer was also among the crowd who posed for pictures.

“The suspect ordered me to take him a picture with the president which I did. He told me he wanted to enlarge the picture later on”.

Phale added that e obeyed his orders and took several shots of his together with the president.
He said on the third day a friend who is also a photographer came to the studio and said the Directorate of Intelligence Services (DIS) were looking for a photographer who was taking pictures at the congress.

“I did not waste any time. I retrieved the picture and we both went to the see the Director of DIS who welcomed me in his office.”

He further said he handed the pictures to him and asked for a reward.

“I do not regret that I have not been rewarded as yet but what makes me happy is the fact that the suspect was eventually arrested, even though he died before facing justice,” he said.
“I hope that one day the government will reward me for the good work that I have done which helped the residents of Kanye as well as the nation at large,” he added.

Phale proudly adds that his love of photography is the one that made it possible for authorities to arrest the suspect.


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