Sunday, May 29, 2022

How I escaped from the Kanye serial killer

Kelebogile Mmeke can not stop talking about God. That is the only way she can explain her miraculous escape from the clutches of a knife wielding Oreeditse Mokoti, the alleged Kanye serial killer who hanged himself in a prison cell last month.

“I’m the luckiest person in the world sitting here. There is no way he was letting me out of there alive after what had happened. “What had happened” was that Mmeke had seen the face of the suspected serial killer who then tried to strangle her and stabbed her with a sharp instrument on the head.

More than a month after the attack, Mmeke can still see the alleged killer stalking her. “He was well built, dressed up in a white T-shirt, grey pair of trousers and a black jacket. It was by the grace of God that I defeated a muscular man who was baying for my blood.”
“The 20th of June will remain etched in my memory for ever. I actually saw my life flashing before my eyes. It’s all thanks to God that I am still alive except for the scar,” said Mmeke.

Mmeke was returning to Kanye from Gaborone just after seven in the evening. She got off the bus at the bus rank and asked for a ride going nearer her home. While she was walking home, she saw a well-built man dressed up in a white T-shirt, grey trousers and a black jacket following her. She says the suspect then tried to snatch her bag but she resisted.

“I still don’t know where I got all that strength and energy. It was God’s help and we kept fighting for the bag for a while, at the same time, screaming for help.”

She added, “It was tough but I matched his strength.” After he realized that his physical strength was not enough to overpower her, he took out a sharp instrument and stabbed her on her head before disappearing into the dark.

“At that moment, people from the neighborhood were coming to my rescue in large numbers but to my surprise, most of them were women, with only one old man joining in.”

She said she then went to the police and was rushed to the hospital where she was discharged a few hours later. She, however, expressed disappointment that it took the police about a week to record her statement.

“The police treated me shabbily and when they brought me home they just dropped me off and drove away.”


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