Monday, January 17, 2022

Thamaga becomes a battleground for BDP and UDC

Thamaga village was a battlefield for political giants this past Saturday afternoon. Botswana Democratic Party {BDP} enjoyed the privilege of holding its rally at Mogalatladi Primary School while Umbrella for Democratic Change (UDC) was hosted by a big tree at Thamaga West near the village’s Primary Hospital.

Though they were kilometres apart, some of their utterances as they each tried to lure voters to their side appeared to respond to each other. While the incumbent parliamentarian of the constituency, Rev Dr John Seyakgosing boasted of how they have thoroughly walloped their opposition rivals over the years, UDC’s parliamentary candidate Kopano Rannatshe expressed satisfaction over the fact that Seyakgosing beat him by margin of 600 votes in the past elections. This was indicative of the fact that with part of the previous Thamaga constituency merged to Kweneng South East to form Gabane-Mankgodi, he was drawing nearer to victory.

“You should as democrats ensure that you vote your party so that it wins. We are really afraid to have a different party ruling this country. The President knows this constituency to be belonging to the BDP so do not let him down,” said Dr Seyakgosing.

“The government is troubled. My cousin {President Khama] was recently telling electorates that they should vote BDP because if they vote opposition they are going to send them (BDP) to prison. I do not know what is intimidating him,” said Gomolemo Motswaledi, UDC Secretary General and guest speaker of the day.

While the Kweneng District Chairperson, Motlhophi Leo bragged of how he and other councillors-Motaosane, Sebikiri and Kontle have fought hard to bring Sub District status to Thamaga, to ease services delivery, the messages sent at Thamaga west opposed it.

┬áTona Selala, UDC sitting councillor and candidate for Thamaga West told electorates, “You always hear it in radios and watch on television that I am heavily laden by the problems of this village. I debate a lot alone at the chamber. Even some of you keep coming to me every time they need councilor’s help. Identify from this day, who the councilors for your wards are, and ensure you voted for them. These are the other Selalas. We speak the same language.”┬á

He added that when he recently brought to the leadership attention, a company interested in collaborating with the community on Private Public Partnership, some BDP people spread petty talk on the issue but the community there showed trust in him by electing him to lead negotiations on the proposed project. 

At the western side of the village, Motswaledi was lamenting the acute shortage of water that has troubled the village for years. He questioned the logic of transferring services from Water Unit in the council to Water Utilities Corporation, while it was under resourced to execute the mammoth task.


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