Monday, October 3, 2022

BDP “constitutionalists and democrats” set up fund for Kwelagobe

A number of Botswana Democratic Party (BDP) members have decided to set up a special fund for party Secretary General, Daniel Kwelagobe, to help him attend to party assignments.

Details of the special fund will be revealed during the course of the week, party insiders have revealed.

This follows a decision by the party to deny Kwelagobe funding when he is on party assignments. For two weeks running, the BDP strongman has been denied party funding to execute his party assignments. Last week the party refused to finance his trip to Boteti where he was billed to launch party parliamentary candidate Slumber Tsogwane. This week Kwelagobe was denied party funding again when he was assigned to launch a party council candidate in Gantsi.

Party insiders believe Kwelagobe is being punished for standing up to President Ian Khama in defence of the party constitution and tradition of democracy. Jackson Moeti a BDP youth leader this week lamented that “there is a systematic approach within the party to ensure that individuals like Hon. Kwelagobe and others are neutralized to preserve the interests of a select few. For instance, while Central Committee members and aspirants were allowed to remain in Cabinet this year, Hon. Kwelagobe was dropped.

Reasons given were that he was dropped because he declared that he will stand for Central Committee elections. But other party members who declared that they would stand in July were not dropped. Hon Lesego Motsumi has declared that she will stand for position of Secretary General but she is still in Cabinet. Hon Jacob Nkate and Lt Gen Mompati Merafhe are Central Committee members, yet they still sit in Cabinet.” (Read letter page 9 for more).

A party insider lamented that Kwelagobe’s position as party National Chairman is being continuously undermined.

“Kwelagobe is a champion of the constitution and democracy, both for the party and the country as a whole,” stated the source.

Retired Special Advisor to the President, Sydney Pilane, this week urged party members to fund Kwelagobe.


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