Sunday, May 28, 2023

Thapong Member’s Exhibition

Members of the public are invited to the Thapong Member’s Exhibition at Thapong Visual Arts Centre, opposite the Village Clinic.

The exhibition is sponsored by Kgalagadi Breweries and World Foods.

The event brings together artists and members of the community.
The purpose of the event is to celebrate art and offer an opportunity for artists to sell their work.

Another benefit of the exhibition is the interaction of artists in Botswana. It is an opportunity for them to exchange and share information on their artistic practices with each other and the community. It will help to stimulate cultural creativity and self-expression through art.

The exhibition also presents works of well established artists. The exhibition aims to build art appreciation among locals, and to help develop the quality of artworks by local artists.

Thapong has identified that artists in Botswana are facing challenges which need to be addressed.

Among the challenges are: the lack of interaction, networking amongst artists, inspiration, artistic growth, an art market, creative skill, and a lack of artistic opportunity. The exhibition also aims to foster a spirit of national cohesion by hosting artists from different parts of the country, thereby celebrating the cultural diversity of the Botswana nation.

The exhibition showcases the different styles of making artworks such as elements of classical painting, expressionism and experimental work.
Picking up one artwork for a preview, which is part of the artworks that will be on display, is an artwork produced by Patrick Matlapeng.

It is titled: “The Three Chiefs”.
According to the artist, the artwork depicts the political system versus the chieftaincy. It is a visual representation of how the artist believes politics is working against the traditional system. The artwork is made on a goat skin with a combination of cut fabrics shaped like the Three Chiefs at the Dikgosi Monuments. The fabrics contribute a certain aesthetic element to interest the viewer, and the skin fur from the goat creates a texture that works well with the use of fabrics.

The brown shades refer to the local soil, and the skin represents the mythical tradition of our culture.
According to the artist, the fabric is a symbol of modern life which is oppressive to the traditions.


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