Thursday, July 7, 2022

The symbolism behind a woman cutting her hair

The year 2012 is barely 3 weeks in and the number of bald-headed women who all had long, very nice hair (real or extensions) is overwhelming.

This is a pattern that keeps recurring and I have never stopped to think about it until just now. A woman is a very expressive being and nothing she does is ever without reason or cause. So what is the driving force behind women cutting their hair at the beginning of the year and at the end of relationships?

They say a woman’s hair is her crown of glory. A good hairstyle can go as far as making or breaking a woman’s day; women are the ones who understand very well what the phrase ‘bad hair day’ means because when a woman’s hair looks bad it looks very bad.

Every woman knows that her hairstyle is the finishing touch to her every outfit; it defines her mood, her personality and whatever state she might be in at any point in her life. A woman’s hair or rater hairstyle is usually her best asset, she even wears it better than her most genuine smile.
But one thing I have always found interesting about women and their hair is how beginning of every year you will find that most women have cut their hair and I’m not talking about boob cuts or just minor trimmings; I’m talking about women going bald.

I do not know what brings this about but I have also noticed that it’s the same every time relationships end, a woman will do one of two things, either she revamps her look and style and looks better than she ever had, making the man re-think breaking up with her or she shaves her head – a practice that always leaves her looking calmer and more peaceful with the way things are.

It is something that even I as a female have never understood or experienced because the shape of my head does not allow me to pull off such a brave stunt so I just stick to eating my feelings.

Because of the heat in this place, I couldn’t take to the streets of Gaborone to find out why but instead I went to the Internet to find out what researchers might have on the topic and there I found a blog on yahoo connection discussing the matter.

Just as I had suspected, it is not just a matter of coincidence that their break up or year end came at the time they were thinking of changing their look to a shorter hairstyle.

When a woman cuts her hair, she feels it’s time for a change, not just her outward appearance, but time to make a change about almost everything in her life and for a woman that’s what makeover is all about. As I mentioned at the start, women are very expressive beings and they always allow their outward appearance to reflect the changes they might be going through within.

So gentlemen be warned, next time she cuts her hair she just might be done with you or maybe just tired of the same look.

Either way, you can never be sure so be on the look out. Have a romantic, Prosperous and Happy New Year!


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