Friday, December 1, 2023

To Play or Not to Play … deciding the fate of Orange FA Cup

The future of the Orange FA cup, which was stopped in the quarter final stage this past season hangs in the balance.

Botswana football Association wants to use the tournament as a tester to check the capability of continuing with the football activities after a long layoff.

BFA General Secretary, Goabaone Taylor in an interview with Sunday Standard Sport explained that the BFA want the tournament to go ahead.

Asked if the BFA thinks the tournament will be the same she said, they wanted it to go ahead despite it having been passed through three transfer windows.

“It is something in the BFA agenda and we have to speak to that. And also we have to engage the sponsor to see whether it still gives them the value they want” explained Taylor.

She further said she does not think it will be the same when it resumes hence there is need to engage. But she is adamant that if it goes ahead, it will gauge the teams and the BFA’s readiness to continue with football activities.

Taylor went on to state that when the decision is finally taken, the public will be informed and given reasons for such.

Football analyst, Jimmy George opined that the Orange FA must be scrapped like the 2019/20 league was stooped prematurely.

“I think it has lost the vibe. The core team whether the same players or with some new player won’t be in the same condition, some players would have retired and others moved to other teams which will kill the necessary vibe and competition that is needed. It will not serve any purpose if it continues and it will be against the principles of fair play,” George said.

He added that he was still lost as to why the BFA is so desperately fighting to continue with the tournament.

“There is no consistency in the BFA. Honesty and truth are foreign at the BFA. Why was the season stopped and Orange FA not stopped? This brings a lot of questions and it also shows that the BFA decisions are not football decisions because they are not consistent,” he said.

According to the BFA, the Orange FA is destined to be played as a – Pre-season tournament mid-July but it will resume depending on the negotiations with Orange.

After skipping a season due to suspension of sporting activities for covid-19 related reasons, the Botswana football season is expected to start in August and end in May 2022. No supporters will be allowed at the games.


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