Tuesday, April 23, 2024

UDC leader promises lavish spending in 2014 General Elections

The Leader of the opposition and President of Umbrella for Democratic Change (UDC) Duma Boko has said that they would spend millions of Pula during the 2019 general election campaign.

Speaking in Parliament last week Boko defied threats by members of the ruling Botswana Democratic Party (BDP) who threatened to ensure that charges are laid against him over suspicious money laundering.

Boko who was commenting on Minister Shaw Kgathi’s Proceeds and Instruments Amendment Bill said Boko “If you have been thinking you are the only ones with rich friends sponsoring your campaigns…know that you are mistaken this time around.”

He added that “We too have rich friends…real rich people from Hollywood not these fake rich friends of yours in the likes of Dada.”

Boko warned BDP MPs that “We are going to give you a hard time staging a very lavish and attractive campaigns come 2019 with the assistance of our best famous stardoms of friends from the outside world.

Boko defended his intentions to spend lavishly on the election campaigns saying the money was clean and not tainted like the one used by BDP because the donations are from his foreign friends.

He said BDP is in the habit of engaging in corruption and favouritism in the form of awarding tenders  to businessmen who in turn plough back the money into the party

BDP MPs also criticized Boko’s alleged intention to sponsor the upcoming Botswana National Front (BNF) congress to the tune of P2 million. According to the BDP MPs, Boko should be investigated for boasting that he intends to spend millions of Pula on the upcoming general election.

Responding to Boko’s alleged intentions to spend lavishly on the BNF and the upcoming general election, Kgathi the Proceeds and Instruments Amendment Bill would tackle suspicious transactions that Boko and the UDC intend to engage in.

“Under this law we are targeting suspicious spending which we aim to bring under control. Imagine a leader promising a free sponsorship and spending amounting to Millions of Pula on the Congress and the national election campaigns,” Kgathi said.  The minister dismissed reports that they are targeting opposition parties who seem to have found international sponsors for general election campaigns.

The opposition coalition garnered 20 seats during the 2014 national elections-the first notable successful performance since independence in 1966 while the BDP recorded a decline in popular vote.


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