Friday, March 1, 2024

Inside UDC strategy for 2019 General Elections

Three years before the 2019 general elections Umbrella for Democratic Change (UDC) mapped a draft of what they termed the five pillars in their strategy and preparation to win the 2019 general elections and beyond.

Speaking at the opening of the Botswana Movement for Democracy Youth League (BMDYL) congress over the weekend the UDC Vice President also BMD President Ndaba Gaolatlhe announced some of the major pillars found in their strategy going into 2019 general elections.

The strategy is premised on five pillars being what the combined parties want to achieve as a movement gearing up for 2019 general elections.The first aim of the movement is to achieve 40 constituencies in 2019 general elections. According to Gaolatlhe the movement is still going to discuss how they are going to go about in making sure that they pocket 40 constituencies in 2019.

The party’s second aim is to cultivate 1000 leaders who will be the captains of the UDC ship after the 2019 elections. The party is confident that after 2019 general elections they will form a new government. They believe that the new government will be run by the UDC hence the move to cultivate leaders who will take position in that government.

“Some of these leaders will be leaders at the party level; some will be leaders who are the captains of government departments; some will be captains in organisations that are involved or working together with the government and some of these leaders will be focusing on making sure that the people in this nation are well informed about the running of government. We call these leaders ‘national leaders,’” he said.

On the third pillar UDC wants a movement that does not rely on two or three people.

“We want an intact movement, a movement that will make its own money and with that money be able to run itself. When we take over in 2019 our movement will be able to make around P4 million a year,” he said.

The UDC also does not see itself as a party in the opposition side but as a party walking towards taking over government.

“As to where we are now we do not see ourselves as a party in the opposition side but as a party preparing to take over the government, we are not a party that is barking or opposing any political party but we are a party that is on its way to government. This is why we are even preparing our people for these coming developments,” said Gaolathe.

On the last aim the UDC Vice President said they want to be an organisation with a superb communication.
“This means everywhere we go; any idea we have; whatever is of concern to us; whatever we like; the people of this very nation must know about,” he said.

Gaolathe added that “They have to hear about it, we will be moving together with them, no one will be left behind. We will make sure that at all times and every move we make we take the nation with us.”


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