Sunday, June 16, 2024

Undertakers are fighting for your body


The Funeral Parlors Association of Botswana (FPAB) ÔÇô an association for local funeral parlors is going through storms as its members are reported to be divided.

The association has since split into two factions – ‘Barata association’ and ‘Barata madi’.

While the association’s president, Bushie Mosala says he does not know whom the said blocs are, its treasurer, Jacqueline Sibozi said Barata association refers to her (Warona Funeral parlor) and other members and Barata madi refers to President (Mosala Funeral Directors), his Deputy, Boy Mokgwathi (Travellers funerals ) and Lengie De Kok (Lengie Funeral parlor).

From these expressions a genuine observation could be that lack of communication becomes apparent as paramount cause for the shambles.

This publication learns from the interviews held separately that each faction has engaged legal brains and court cases are looming. The association’s bank account is not functioning despite the fact that a new deal with the Botswana Meat Commission (BMC) workers union is on.

He said they thereafter approached the bank- FNBB to change signatories. The other bloc, also, after receiving the expulsion letters that the President and his Deputy had approached the bank. They also went to the bank and protested the action.

“We have now filed urgent application with the high-court. The duo should explain why it should not pay the funds our parlors have paid to cover up for the association’s misdemeanors of not insuring funds and assisting clients,” Mosala said. He emphasized the fact that the funds in the account from BMC is not for association or its members, but for the clients.

But associations’ Treasurer refutes allegations that they absented themselves. Instead, she said there is no transparency in the association as the President and his deputy run the association on their own. There are a lot of things they know nothing about as the association; including the BMC deal.  There are no scheduled meetings and adhoc meetings are the order of the day.

Her sentiments are echoed by the Secretary, Amos, who said the President and his deputy’s non-transparency and their unconstitutional actions have led them to where they are. While the two say they have the backing of the constitution, his view is that the association should stand up and ensure things are done properly, for if things continue as they are then the duo can make any decisions excluding the masses. He said they are at an advanced stage in preparing for any case.

The President dismisses as untrue, aphorism that they did not understand the terms of the contract. They have signed for it; that is why it is running. If they did not understand they could have asked. He asks why they say they do not understand it while they take the funds that go into the account as theirs. At the time of printing, Mosala called to say the bank has said it would not object to the filed case. The secretary and the Treasurer have objected but did not show up at court. The judge has said that the case cannot be treated as urgent.

“Advocate Joina has said he is going to file appeal in January, 2019.”


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