Wednesday, July 24, 2024

Wigs gain popularity in Botswana

The popularity of weaves and wigs is an indication that these items are big business, not just in Botswana but all over the world.

Margaret Bohule, a hairdresser at Hair Garden Salon at the BBS Mall, said in an interview that her salon continues to see a significant increase in the sales of wigs and weaves.

Bohule says her customers include women of all races, class and ages, unlike in the past when wigs were mostly worn by middle aged and elderly women.

Women wear weaves and wigs for various reasons: to lengthen existing hair, to augment natural hair and to literally cover up on bad hair days.

There are also those who believe that natural black hair breaks off easily if it is relaxed and that caring for it requires time and money.

Weaves also help woman‘s┬á hair grow longer and thicker.
According to Bohule, wigs are mostly worn by ladies with short hair but she added that they are also worn to cover unkempt hair.

“Some people would wear them to cover their hair when they have to go out somewhere and don’t have time to wash and comb their own,” she said, adding that some people prefer to wear them in winter because they say that in winter, the scalp gets too dry and hair tends to break off easily because of the cold so they cover their natural hair with weaves.

Dark and Lovely, Principal, Home Choice and Organic are just some of the most common products used as they are deemed good for all  hair types. There are no known health risks for wearing weaves and wigs.

For most women, the convenience of weaves and wigs lies in their being more manageable than natural hair.

Some natural hair textures need continual styling. That takes a lot of time, which some women don’t have.

Weaves and wigs can be designed for all head sizes and shapes and have a wide range in colour and quality. There are short, straight and curly weaves and one can choose what weave or wig to wear on the basis of the shape of their face.

A weave can be washed once or twice a week to keep it in good condition. The price of a weave is determined by quality and texture.

A good-quality weave can be used many times over provided it is well-maintained.

Even though most men hate these fashion items, perceiving them to be fake hair and believing that a woman has to have natural hair, women care less. They wear weaves and wigs because they want to.

These help protect their natural hair from damage and makes them look different, yet beautiful.
It is not only black women who wear weaves and wigs ÔÇô weaves and wigs have a market across all colour lines.


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