Monday, April 19, 2021

What love? It’s a jungle out there!

To make it to the alter and have wedding bands on their fingers, Mmabatho Keletso, from Moshupa, and Thabiso Matsetse, from Tlokweng, are having to take a few punches and scratches on their faces, break a few bones, pay heavy court fines or even end up in prison.

The two women, who ended up at the Urban Customary Court this week, following a cat fight for a place on their common boyfriend’s pillow, are statistics of a growing problem that is overwhelming Gaborone customary courts.

Urban Customary Court President, Dikwalo Monametsi, this week said he was unhappy with the increasing number of cases involving women in love triangles, who are resorting to claws and slaps in White City, Bontleng and New Stance in Gaborone.

In one of five such cases, which were heard at the Urban Customary Court this week, Mmabatho Keletso pleaded guilty to charges of assault common for slapping Thabiso Matsetse and pelting her with stones after the two clashed inside the bedroom of their common boyfriend.

Central police Constable, Phirinyana, told the court that Matsetse was taken to hospital after she was attacked by Keletso ,who accused her of trying to steal her boyfriend.
Keletso told the court how the complainant found her between the sheets on their boyfriend’s bed and started picking a fight with her.

Kgosi Monametsi ordered Keletso to pay a P100 court fine before 31st July 2006 or go to prison for three months.

On the same day, Pearl Mokokong (25), of Mmopane, was convicted of common assault for slapping Kago Molefhe (22), from Mochudi, in another love triangle that resulted in cat fight.


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