Thursday, July 2, 2020

What was the objective of our liberation?

Why were these freedom fighters: Robert Sobukwe, Zeph Mothopeng, Jafta Masemola and many others imprisoned. Why were these freedom fighters Onkgopotse Tiro, Steve Biko and many others killed?  

They were imprisoned and killed because they were fighting for the liberation of the African people from mental, physical and economic oppression. They also fought for the emancipation of the continent of Africa from colonial and imperialist exploitation. This means they fought for the self-determination of the African people. In 1994 the ANC was given nominal independence after years of secret negotiations. The ANC hasn’t used that nominal independence to pursue the objectives for which the freedom fighters mentioned in the opening paragraph gave their lives. 

They have not pursued those objectives with the zeal they are fighting against a non-existent disease and virus. They never declared a state of disaster to pursue the liberation objectives of the African people the way they have declared a state of disaster to fight a fake pandemic. Instead, their fight against a fake pandemic has brought misery upon the Africans. If the ANC used a fraction of the energy they expended on the fake pandemic fighting for the liberation of the African people they would have done something worthwhile. The ANC government takes its cue from the WHO which shows there is no self-determination and that ANC leaders are not mentally liberated.

President Cyril Ramaphosa sounds like a broken record about getting vaccines to prevent the spread of Covid-19. Ramaphosa and his ANC government ignore a corpus of scientific literature showing the dangers of vaccines. The Italian government has recently commissioned a study to establish if the WHO and Bill Gates vaccines do what they claim they are supposed to do and it was revealed they don’t do what their producers claim they are doing. When is Ramaphosa and his ANC government going to do what Italy has done? Ramaphosa’s closeness to Bill Gates is known.To be led by people like these is a disaster. The ANC government has given China carte blanche.

Instead of pursuing a liberation agenda the ANC government and Ramaphosa are mortgaging the country. The ANC government should bandon the fight against a fake pandemic and pursue the fight for which our freedom fighters gave their lives. THE SUPPOSED SPREAD OF COVID-19 DISEASE IS MEANT TO BE USED TO PUT PEOPLE UNDER SURVEILLANCE AND TO CONTROL THEM From the 1st of June Australia is going to begin to use face recognition cameras to monitor if people observe social distancing at their work places. There’s also going to be tracing of infected people with Covid-19 disease through our cell phones using Artificial Intelligence technology. In totalitarian China there are more than a million face recognition cameras. 

Bear in mind that scientists like Dr Andrew Kaufman say the SARS-COV-2 virus hasn’t been isolated. Many other scientists say Covid-19 is a mild disease.  I wonder if people are aware that scientists who are known as the Perth Group, including Dr Kaufman, say to date the HI virus, which Drs Anthony Fauchi and Robert Gallo told the world causes Aids, hasn’t been isolated. In fact, it turned out that Gallo had plagiarised the work of a Frenchman Dr Luc Montagnier. This is the same Gallo who four years ago was bestowed an honorary doctorate of science by the University of Kwa Zulu Natal most probably facilitated by Professor Abdool Karim.  Karim is advising the South African government and President Cyril Ramaphosa on Covid-19 and is also associated with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Bill and Hilary Foundation, the US’s CDC, big pharma and China control the WHO. The WHO which wants to vaccinate us and has in the past used deadly vaccines in Africa.  In his recent address to the nation, President Ramaphosa said a vaccine is needed for the Covid-19 disease.

It’s obvious that vaccine will not be for Covid-19 because that disease doesn’t exist, the vaccine will be for something else. This is where the improper use of Covid-19 disease as a pretext to effect surveillance and control of people comes in. Some countries like Denmark, UK and US have enacted enforced vaccination laws. Even if the Covid-19 disease was real, it shouldn’t warrant contact tracing and mandatory vaccination of people. If the sinister vaccination project of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and the WHO is not exposed the way the Italian government did, people will be forced to get vaccinated before they travel or provided with services using nanotechnology. I am watching with keen interest what’s going to happen to people who are supposed to receive R350 grants. If people are forced to be vaccinated then Bill Gates’s digital ID2020 that’s going to be implanted on our bodies will become a reality.

Christians refer to it as the mark of the beast and it can be found in the book of Revelations. That’s why the churches are discouraged to congregate because they will mobilise against Bill Gates’s implants. These implants are going to be connected to the 5G grid and we will all be China’s slaves or robots because China controls 5G technology. Look at how China oppresses it’s people. In his 1959 inaugural address PAC founding President Robert Sobukwe criticised China’s totalitarian regime saying the Africanists are against China’s totalitarianism. We can ignore Sobukwe’s warning at our own peril. 

On the 25th May it was Africa Liberation Day and the media celebrated it without mentioning Sobukwe. On the 24th May the Sunday Independent dedicated an article to Nelson Mandela. Local radio stations can’t even play one of the late Mirriam Makeba’s three songs which she dedicated to Sobukwe. Mbayi Mbayi is Mirriam Makeba song dedicated to PAC founding President. Sobukwe recorded around 1960. There are two other songs in which the late Makeba dedicated to Sobukwe, in one (Nonqgonqgo) she mentions Sobukwe and others and in the other Makeba warns Verwoerd to beware a black man is coming. She was obviously referring to Sobukwe. I noticed Africa Liberation Day being celebrated in the media on the 25th May and on Sunday without acknowledging Sobukwe, this revolutionary and intellectual giant. But the songs I mentioned by Makeba exposes the distorters and falsifiers of history in government and the media that they are concealing the name of one of the key historical figures who made it possible for them to celebrate Afrika Liberation Day. 

Makeba and many others were inspired by Sobukwe. Caiphus Semenya is one of them. I would like to acknowledge Sakina Kamwendo, a courageous media personality who, during two or three of her radio shows when she was still in radio, played the PAC/POQO song Niyisibani. She is now in television. I didn’t watch her television show on the 25th May. The South African media and ANC government can distort and falsify the history of the liberation struggle as much as they want but the facts will contradict them. As Sobukwe said, “We have history on our side”.


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