Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Why do people feel entitled to everything?

“Entitlement is a guarantee of access to benefits because of rights or by agreement through law. It also refers, in a more casual sense, to someone’s belief that one deserves some particular reward or benefit” (online Wikipedia).

Entitlement is an attitude of “I’m owed.” People think the world owes them something. They think that just by virtue of living they are entitled to everything around them, even what is not theirs.

Even some things that they know they have not worked for. I don’t seem to understand why people think they deserve to live at the expense of other people.

Why are people always at the realm of other people’s businesses?
I wish humans knew what hard work is; I am sick of people blaming others when they are the ones in control. For you to fail at school or work it’s because you underperformed, period!

It’s the individuals fault but people are always complaining for problems they put themselves in.

One of the most difficult attitude problems any counselor faces is that of “entitlement”. It is noticeable in beliefs such as these: “I’m a college graduate, so I deserve a high-paying job.” Who said so? As much as you worked hard to attain your degree, you need to work hard too in attracting the work market.

“I’ve been good to my friends, so they owe me their loyalty.” As much as we know that friendship is not charity, you need to give wholeheartedly not expecting anything in return.

“I am a senior citizen, so I deserve younger people’s respect.” Even a new born baby deserves respect of an elderly. If you do not show respect to younger people, they are likely to disrespect you too, because they will be doing something that they are exposed to everyday, so to them, it will be normal.

“We weren’t put on this earth to suffer, so life owes me a break.” Not everyone chooses to suffer, but in most times it is an individual who needs to take the initiative to find means of surviving well. Whatever you need will not come to you but rather you need to go hunting, to get it.

“I took care of my kids when they were young, so I am entitled to some special care from them when I grow old.” This is a very disturbing issue among parents and child relationship. As much as it’s human for children to take care of their parents when they grow old, it does not get possessive as getting to buy her groceries every month, giving her money every month, it is out of choice.

One more thing that people, especially ladies, always feel entitled to is for their boyfriends to call them first all the time. One thing we should bear in mind is that they call us out of choice; it is not that he is entitled to be the one taking the initiative every time.

Well, it’s a fact that a lady would feel special and loved but men need that feeling too, to be rest assured.

They need to know that they are not the only ones working in that relationship.
Entitlement is a self-serving, one-way street attitude that creates bitterness and resentment in the people who feel entitled and in the people around them who don’t like being treated that way. Once in a while you should take a minute to examine your own entitlement assumptions.

Have you fallen into this way of thinking? Towards whom do you harbour feelings of entitlement? How has it affected you emotionally? How has it affected your relationships?

The number one way to become a well rounded individual and one who is not entitled is to simply give before you get. Go out and do something, anything, for another person and don’t expect anything in return. Do something every day and over time you will get everything that you want out of life. However, you won’t feel entitled to it. You will have earned it.

Isn’t it much better to work for the things you want in life instead of waiting for our government to give us something we didn’t earn? Of course, it is.

So don’t be that guy or girl who is entitled.

Instead earn the things you want out of life.


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