Sunday, March 3, 2024

WUC source of contaminated Choppies water

Choppies Chief Executive Officer, Ram Ottappath this week revealed that raw water from Water Utilities Corporation (WUC) was established as the source of contamination in its branded water. The retailer was last week forced to recall 10,000 bottles of its 500ml branded water after they were found contaminated. Choppies CEO, Ram Ottappath on Monday told The Telegraph that batches SA 07 and SB12 of its branded water were recalled after routine tests by the Ministry of Health (MoH) established that they were contaminated.

The contamination was established after samples from the 500ml bottles were tested by the MoH’s National Food Laboratory.

“The recalled batches were due for distribution through all Choppies outlets. The batch size is comparatively small and the whole consignment has been recalled from our stores,” said Ottappath.

He also revealed that the contaminated water bottles were immediately recalled and sent back to the manufacturer.

“We were able to recall a significant portion of the product immediately. So far no cases of illness have been reported to us.”

Last week Choppies and MoH released a statement notifying the public that BAGPIPER PTY LTD was recalling with immediate effect two batches of Choppies branded water because they were found contaminated. The statement also revealed that production has been suspended by BAGPIPER PTY LTD while they continue to rectify the breach in their system that led to the contamination.

“Confirmatory tests will be carried out to ensure that the product meets the BOBS 143: 2011 standard on provision of safe drinking water, under the Food Control Act,” read the statement.


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