Friday, January 28, 2022

BCP’s Rapelana takes swipe at UDC Nkayigwa

Opposition Botswana Congress Party parliamentary candidate for Gaborone North constituency Motsei Rapelana has challenged the Gaborone City Mayor Haskins Nkayigwa insisting she is rightful candidate to represent the constituency.

Rapelana will lock horns with Nkayigwa of the Umbrella for Democratic Change.

The ruling Botswana Democratic Party candidate is Keletso Rakhudu who is also the Assistant Minister of Trade and Industry as well as incumbent area Member of Parliament.

“ ‘Mr I am not aware’ goes about saying I am not the right candidate for the constituency as I am an old woman. He should know his youthful quick legs are only designed to confiscate the goods of the street vendors,” said Rapelana.

She was referring to Nkayigwa whose council officials recently made headlines as they confiscated goods of street vendors saying they were illegal.

Rapelana took the cue from her party president Dumelang Saleshando who had earlier upon launching her labeled Nkayigwa “Mr. I am not aware.”

“You ask him about the confiscation of goods of street vendors ‘I am not aware’…about street campaign posters ‘I am not aware’,”

Rapelana urged the residents of Gaborone North to do away with Mr ‘I am not aware’, insisting the constituency demanded a person of her caliber and determination.

She said under the watch of both Nkayigwa and Rakhudu, Gaborone North constituency has stagnated with dilapidated pit-latrines.

Rapelana intends to do away withpit-latrine.

“I will make the abolition of pit-latrines one of my strings of priorities,” she said.

With election fever gaining momentum, Rapelana warned the residents of Gaborone North to be vigilant enough of the ruling party unsuspecting political tactics as the nation heads for the national elections.

For several times the veteran politician has been defeated of the constituency, with the ruling Botswana Democratic Party promising developments in the area ahead the national elections, only to disappear into thin air without accomplishments of the promises after the elections.

“In 1995 BCP councillor Mabedi Monageng brought about a motion of abolishment of pit-latrines in Gaborone North constituency which the council approved only for the Central government to stay put,” recalled Rapela.

She insisted for all these years the same government will do nothing, only to dig some trenches for the project two months ahead the 2009 national elections.

“You should be aware of their election campaign tactics…BDP always change every time after elections,” she advised.

While the delay was attributed to the expansion of sewerage dam, to date nothing has happened as the residents of Ledumang and Tsholofelo wards amongst others still use pit latrines.

“This is disheartening considering the diseases that come with stench smell from the toilets,” Rapelana said.

Rapelana wants Gaborone North clinics to operate 24-hours.

As to the suburb Gaborone North location she will ensure the land is adequately serviced before allocation to alleviate shortages of water.

Money to secure these promises is plenty, Rapelana said.

She said nominated councilors totaling 105 countrywide were paid a total of P9m per annum.
“BCP will to do away with the system to assist the teachers at Marang junior secondary school who sleep in caravans,” she said.


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