Thursday, February 22, 2024

BONA readies to meet Registrar of Society requirements

Botswana Netball Association (BONA) is hopeful that despite delays caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, their affiliates will comply with the requirements of The Registrar of Societies to be fully recognized.

The teams have reportedly managed to visit the Registrar of Societies and have been advised on what to do to be assisted in the best possible way, hence positive response being given to BONA.

BONA President Malebogo Raditladi, has said some have submitted their paperwork at the beginning of the month and are still evaluating their submissions such as their constitutions.

She said: “We are more into the content people have submitted hence we have invited the registrar of societies to our 2020 Annual General Meeting (AGM) so they tell us exactly what they need and what is expected of us afterwards.”

“We are so close to fully complying with sport governance issues that the Botswana National Sport Council (BNSC) and Botswana National Olympic Committee (BNOC) wanted from our affiliates. They will be pleased with what we will give to them,” opined Raditladi.

Raditladi added that since the deadline for submissions has already passed due to reasons beyond their control, they did not or do not intend on penalizing their affiliates, except for giving them enough time to finish up their paperwork and submit.

She said: “Our affiliates were delayed by the lockdown issues hence meaning they need more time, so we could not take any action against them.”

“From the BONA side we have submitted the past years outstanding documents. We have completed the 2017 audits which was our base to start our accounts. We are hoping that from now onwards things will be well with our financials at BONA,” opined Raditladi.

She further added that they have established BONA financial manuals that will guide on the procedures and regulations of managing BONA accounts. She said “We completed our financials, and will share them with our sponsors at the AGM so that they may be able to see how their money was used.”

Raditladi said: “Compliance of teams means a lot to our affiliates. It is an eye opener to them. I now believe they understand the importance of being complaint. For example they could have benefited in the Covid-19 subsidy that was disbursed by the sports ministry.”

When asked on issues of securing sponsorship and activities for the teams, Raditladi said: “We were delayed by the Covid-19 pandemic and regulations.  Otherwise we would have had activities running with or without sponsors.”

“Once all this compliance is done, sponsors will with no doubt be proud to be associated with BONA, since they need return on investment which we will give to them,” Raditladi added.

Moreover, Raditladi opined that BONA executive runs and manages national activities with two zones that run and coordinate as well as manage their affiliates.

She said: “That is where our development is, not at BONA executive, so we need to focus on people who take positions on the national development levels of BONA and help take them to take teams to task. This will help teams to be professional and secure sponsors for themselves instead of solely relying on NEC while they are doing nothing on the ground.”

She further added that professionalism and development of sport should start there not at NEC.

“Zones should have practical year plan with activities to fit within the national plan, hence the need for them to work hand in hand with NEC which is their manager,” opined Raditladi.

In conclusion, Raditladi added that they have informed interim committees to set up committees and terms of reference for each committee, that is aimed at helping NEC to run the daily operation of the association for the betterment and improvement of BONA.


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