Friday, March 31, 2023

Boot camp bears fruit

As the Belly Burst Boot camp enters its fourth week, organizers Obert Morgan and partner Timon Moyo say they are confident it will be a success.

“We have witnessed most amazing results from the participants. Participants are really enjoying this event and some of them never thought it was possible to wake up at 4:30am, run more than 5km, change their normal diets, and lose at least one to two kilos per week. This event has brought hope and change in people’s lives, some of whom have already lost 5kg, which is almost 1.5 kilos per week,” said Morgan.

According to Morgan, the first week was very difficult to deal with people who had difficulties in waking up early morning, incompliance to exercise and change appreciation.

“I brought my military skills to discipline people to understand the importance of them being fit and healthy because that’s the whole concept behind this boot camp.”

He also indicated that he will be taking all participants for a 3day boot camp retreat whereby there will stay in camp, away from their normal day to day lifestyle to experience health and fitness at its best. This retreat is scheduled for the 17, 18,19th September 2010 and it’s an event not to miss.

One of the participants, Keoikantse Nkgomotsang, a Public Servant who, prior to joining the Boot Camp, was struggling with her weight has nothing but praises for the Boot camp duo.

“I was told at the hospital to change my lifestyle; my blood pressure was very high and the doctors warned me about Cardio vascular diseases. I also had terrible fat in my mid section that’s when I decided to join this Boot Camp and today I can confidently say it has changed my life. In only four weeks, I have managed to shed eight kilos and am still counting. Now, I am able to concentrate more at work. This has also not gone unnoticed by my colleagues who are always commending me on my weight loss,” says the mother of a four-year-old girl.

The eight-week boot camp ends in September, and the organizers say they will be running season 2 at The Village Gym Active and it will start on the 4th October 2010.

“We are going wild and this one is called “War Against Fat.” We will eradicate the dilemma of weight problems, heart diseases and laziness in our workforce. Through this program, we instil love and discipline. People should love themselves and do what makes them healthy. Doctors have been telling people to change their lifestyles and it never happens and Obertfitness is here to switch gears to positive living,” said Obert and Timon.

“It’s not fitness; it’s life.”


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