Friday, April 19, 2024

Fitness Boot camp Botswana launched

On Saturday, October 24th, Fitness Boot camp Botswana was launched. The day opened with a prayer, followed by a speech from the Guest of Honour, Dr Kitchin from Bongaka Health Care. Kitchin emphasised on the importance of healthy living. ‘People should seek medical attention even if they don’t feel sick, just to make sure they are well and particularly to be able to manage some of the diseases such as diabetes because one can stay with it without knowing they have it which can lead to the damage of body organs,” he said. The five hour event was a healthy and productive one as participants indulged in workouts, designed to fit the day’s programme. James Tamora, Super fit Gym instructor, supervised workouts as a way of warming up participants before taking part in other classes. Aerobics classes proceeded immediately after the warm up workouts, instructed by Ismael from Mmabana, Rusternburg. Boot camp had the most participants as individuals were grouped into teams to carry out appointed tasks by instructors. The main boot camp coordinator was Norman Mosebetsi Mokoena from Gauteng, South Africa. The event concluded later in the evening with a prize giving ceremony at the Flava restaurant. Y-Care instructor, Sarona Moabi and Beauty and Slimming Spa Managing Director Dr Kitchin were assigned to hand over prizes to the awarded participants. Veteran category was won by Palesa Mahuwe, while best overall went to Refilwe Dipotso from Village Aerobics Club. ‘The event went very well therefore I’d like to thank participants, more especially sponsors for the support more especially since we were doing this for charity. We hope Y-Care will benefit from the funds we’ve raised as we were doing this for them,’ says Super fit Gym instructor James Tamora.


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