Sunday, August 7, 2022

Born again Vee to launch gospel album next week

“My life has changed over the years; I have accepted the Lord Jesus Christ into my life.”

Not so long ago, these are not the words one would have expected to hear from the pint-sized House-Kwasa artist, Odirile Vee Sento.

The Taku-Taku, Zaza sensation is set to launch his debut gospel album, Supernatural, next Saturday (August 31st) at Game City.

“I was born again so I wanted my fans to know what is happening in my life the only way I know how – through my music,” Vee told Sunday Standard Lifestyle. “Every album I have released tells a story about my life and this one is not any different,” he says.

Vee added that people should, however, not expect to hear a different rhythm from the one they have been used to as the only difference is in the lyrics.

Despite the switch, Vee says the demand for the new album surpasses that of his previous releases as they are currently struggling to keep up.

“I have been performing the first single, Eita, from the album during my circumcision tours and the reception has been great,” he explains.

Vee defends the line-up which consists predominantly of, among others, non-gospel artists like the controversial A.T.I, Slizer, Jujuboy, Magosi and, most importantly, South Africa’s flashy and extravagant self proclaimed ‘Queen of Bling’, Khanyi Mbau.

“As a person of God, I believe we should accept people for who they are and the line-up is testament to the fact that I truly have love for everyone no matter their choice of music or lifestyle,” he insists. “I want to take my gospel to the people.”

The other South African on the list is Kabelo Mabalane (Bouga Luv), formerly a member of South African Kwaito outfit TKZEE before successfully going solo with hits like It’s My House, Masheleng, and Dubula. Like Vee, Kabelo is also a self proclaimed born-again.
Vee promises a mind-blowing show.


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