Tuesday, August 9, 2022

Camelot Spa launches luxury marine based product

Camelot Spa is a group of world class health spas established in 1987 in South Africa with over 21 spas across Southern Africa.

Their Gaborone branch, located at the Grandpalm Hotel on Tuesday launched ‘Thalgo’, a preferred range by virtue its long standing presence in the market. Developed in 1964, the brand hosts French Marine based spa specialized products and provides a comprehensive range to suit the needs of a health spa to benefit the individual. The choice of products and treatments play a major role in defining the success of an enterprise.

“Although there are spa products on the market, Camelot chose Thalgo as it maintains the philosophy of treating the body holistically, providing internal and external treatments and products. This forms part of Thalgo’s competitive advantage,” affirms Nomsa Seisa, Camelot Spa’s Director and owner.

She said Thalgo’s range of products complies with their new formulation charter and therefore are free of mineral oils, propylene glycol, GMO ingredients and ingredients of animal origin except beeswax.

Thalgo has drawn from the riches of the ocean to provide cosmetic and therapeutic results. Seisa said Camelot Spas aim to provide their clients with a personalised journey of the senses from the look, smell, feel of not only the spa environment but also the product and treatments offered to leave the individual feeling renewed from the inside out.

Thalgo is said to encompass all of the above, the reason Camelot later developed the C-spa, an Aromatherapy based product produced in South Africa.

“It is a range that comprises face, body and infusions of teas which will immerse you into an olfactory world of well being,” says Seisa. “Like Thalgo, it contains blended essential oil components to ensure a sophisticated feel and smell.”

She says it fuses ancient Aromatherapy with simplistic and modern applications, making the range a high performance scent experience.

“They are lipo-soluble meaning they penetrate fast and deep into the skin promising profound results,” she enthuses.

Camelot Spa offers a World of Wellness with an array of services that boast new age scientific technologies, all the while maintaining the goodness that nature has to offer.

“Life is extremely stressful so many people then turn to alcohol and drugs as an escape. Our aim is to turn things around and tonight we showcase the importance of aroma therapy and other spar services in general,” said Nomsa at Tuesday’s launch.

She also acknowledged that a growing number of Batswana are starting to see their service as a bare necessity as opposed to just a costly luxury.

“They now see that just like you need to eat good food you also need to take care of your physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing and its so good to see that men are also warming up to the idea!” she exclaimed.

Although Seisa is happy the spa has a consistently growing number of loyal customers, she sees the biggest challenge as keeping them happy.

“I’m glad I have such an amazing team working with me and I have faith that our services will only improve with time,” she added.


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