Tuesday, December 5, 2023

Shahnaz Herbal Spa opens in Palapye

Back in the days, people used to travel from as far as Selibe Phikwe and Francistown to Gaborone, just to access basic amenities and do their shopping. Nowadays, people have very minimal reasons to do so as entrepreneurs continue to identify current gaps and innovative ways of addressing such gaps. This has brought convenience to the historical time consuming process of having to travel long distances to buy basics.

The central district village of Palapye is steadfastly growing into an investment hub. Its location and proximity means many people are now able to access services easily. The invitation to experience spa treatment at the Majestic 5 Hotel in Palapye did not come as a surprise considering that Shahnaz, the largest beauty treatment service provider in Botswana, is on a quest to expand its services nationally.

Upon arrival it was welcomingly warm and toasty, a relief from the harsh cold winter that is upon us. The employees of the Majestic 5 still possess an important, yet rare trait in the hospitality industry which is ‘Service with a Smile.’ With that, i was ushered to my room which probably had the largest most comfortable bed I had ever seen in my life and it would be a grave injustice to Lebo, our host not to mention it. We were then treated to some Asian cuisine and a night out on the town which came to a quick and abrupt end due to the relentless June temperatures. The Majestic 5 Shahnaz spa was something I thought could only be seen on television; the furniture, smell and decor screamed the serenity one needs when visiting a spa.

Even the staff were like fragile porcelain dolls, the young lady named Gape who did my manicure was so pretty as if she had just graced a magazine cover. They have to be flawless in order for them to be trusted with other’s beauty needs after all. It was the hand massage from another lady named Tinashe that convinced me that maybe a massage when I get back to Gaborone would not be such a terrible idea.

This spa has everything one could ever imagine; massages, facials, body treatments, manicures, pedicures and body grooming. Under the stewardship of Sonja Puskas, the team intends to be the best in the industry and extend their services to new clients in Palapye and the vicinity.


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