Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Concern mounts over delays in prosecuting DIS officers

Almost two years after some soldiers, policemen and civilians were allegedly tortured by members of the Directorate of Intelligence Services for stealing a gun from a police armoury at Gaborone West Police Station (the gun was later found in the armoury at the same station) the perpetrators of the alleged offence have not appeared in Court to answer to torture charges.

It is not clear whether the delay is on the part of the Directorate of Public Prosecution, who are supposed to prosecute, or with the DIS.

Asked if they had made any inquiries from the DPP on the subject, the source said that they did but to no avail as they were not given a clear answer on when the case would be heard.

At one stage the source said that they were told that the case had been scheduled to be mentioned before a Magistrate in Gaborone, but that it was then postponed on grounds that the Magistrate was sick.

“We do not know if that Magistrate is still sick even now or why the case was not mentioned before another Magistrate as has happened before in many other cases,” added the source.
Gaborone attorney Duma Boko confirmed that he also does not know why the case is taking such a long time to be heard.

”We have been waiting for it as well and my hope is that it will be heard after the new leadership in DPP,” he said.

Boko was an attorney for one of the alleged victims, Inspector Seitiketso Mpusetsang.
The alleged victims have since filed a hefty law suit against DIS.

Meanwhile in another case that has seen delays prosecuting DIS agents, the lady agent who is suspected to have shot and killed her colleague two years ago in Gaborone is still to reach the Courts.

The late operative, Daniel Moilwa, was allegedly shot when the two agents were trying to apprehend a Zimbabwean national, Blessing Mukweni, for an undisclosed offence.

Afterwards, it was claimed that it was Mukweni who shot Moilwa, but forensic tests proved otherwise and sources in DPP said that the woman agent was going to be charged with a lesser offence of lying to police officers.

That was the last time the case was heard about.
After the forensic tests had exonerated him, Mukweni was quickly deported.


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