Sunday, August 14, 2022

Defecting to BCP Kgafela-Mokoka expresses undying love for BNF

The Opposition Botswana Congress Party continues to reap the dividends provided by the hemorrhaging of the Botswana National Front, the latest catch being the BNF’s former deputy secretary.

Accepting BCP colours, Nono Kgafela-Mokoka conceded her undying love for the BNF, which she said was distracted by the party leadership that suspended her from party activities.

“Every creature, human beings included, thrives on a sense of belonging without which we all feel forsaken, unwanted and unloved. This is what I felt for six months during the period of my suspension from the Botswana National Front,” Kgafela-Mokoka said on Tuesday at a press conference, adding that “I felt like an infant prematurely weaned from the mother’s breast”.

“I felt lost and rejected by the party and feel like a wandering sojourner in the desert without a sense of direction. How could I not feel dejected when I could neither clasp my hands and shout “KOPANO” nor wear the colours that I have loved and adored over the years,” she said. “I was devastated.”

She believes her decision to re-unite with BCP is the right direction, “the first step in reclaiming my long lost political fervor”.

“Today marks the re-awakening of the commission I cherish the most, being ‘the voice of the voiceless,” she declared, to the approval of party leaders that included party president, Dumelang Saleshando.

“There is always a light at the end of every tunnel, a GREEN light that beckons every wanderer back to a safe harbour after a long sail in the tempestuous sea- that light was, for me, the Botswana Congress Party, the party of choice,” she said, insisting she was attracted to the party by the invaluable support and love that she received from the BCP comrades, who she said rekindled her waning political fire and reminded her that ‘I am not a political grasshopper but a political giant’.

Kgafela-Mokoka was amongst a batch of ‘renegades’ that the BNF leadership suspended from its fold, blaming them for dragging the party name into disrepute over the Umbrella project.


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