Thursday, April 18, 2024

Grandmasters Dance Challenge to boost dance art in Botswana

The Grandmaster Dance Challenge, a dance competition that seeks to brand and promote dance art in Botswana, and also bring more platforms to local dancers for growth and development will be held on December 19th, at Gaborone Mantlwaneng amphitheater (Westwood International School).

Under Miss T and Mike Dance Company, the Grandmasters Dance Challenge will be conducted in two sessions. The children’s section will be held in the afternoon, whilst the adults section will be conducted in the evening. The aim of the challenge is to motivate other dancers through teaching 5 dancers who will then perform in a Grandmasters Dance show in 2016 where they will perform 5 different dances.

One of the dance competition organisers, Tshepiso Gare (Miss T) emphasised, “We believe it is time for Batswana dancers to learn dance versatility and be able to participate on the international platform,” adding that they want to brand upcoming dancers, create platform and also have a place where people can come and appreciate their talent.

The challenge has 5 categories which are ballet, contemporary/jazz, ballroom, hip hop and spjwa/kwaito. Under these categories, there is juvenile, junior, youth and the seniors/adults categories. The juvenile caters for children aged 5-8 years, junior 9- 17 years, youth 18- 21years and then seniors or adults which is for persons over the age of 21.                                                                                 The grand prize winner will take home a cash prize of P25 000, dance company registration, a full year mentoring and management. Sunrise travel & tours has also pledged to give away a travelling package for 2, with the destination to be finalised at a later date. The prize only applies for the youth and seniors/adults categories.

Prizes for the juveniles and junior categories are a trophy, certificate, dance

classes for 2 months, a planned birthday party inclusive of the cake, signatory show and one year management.  “We are trying to refrain from giving money to children as such prizes can lead to unacceptable behaviour from children,” said Gare.

All interested dancers who wish to take part at the event are urged to register P100 for a single person, P150 for duo, or, P250 for group or crew. “Our main aim is to open up other possible opportunities that may lead to International Friendships through students exchange programs and expertise exchange programs with other dancing countries,” Gare says.


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