Tuesday, April 23, 2024

Innovation conference scheduled for next week at Jwaneng

Jwaneng Mine will next week from the 28th to 29th host an Innovation Conference in the Debswana Club, which will be the first of its kind to be held in Botswana. The objective of this conference is to offer Jwaneng Mine employees at various levels the opportunity to learn about innovation and to apply their learning to develop mine innovation profile.

Matshidiso Kamona, the Jwaneng Mine Chief Communication Officer, said that in the current global economic era marked by accelerated change, fueled by hyper-completion and dynamic markets, innovation is the only option left for business organizations and is therefore the new management mantra.

The guest speaker and key facilitator of this historic conference will be the internationally renowned guru among gurus of innovation, Rowan Gibson. Gibson is a global business strategist as well as a bestselling author of two novels, titled Rethinking the Future, which is an international best-seller published in 20 languages, and Innovation to the core, to be published next month by the Harvard Business School Press.

Gibson’s international clients have included some of the world’s largest and most successful organizations. He teaches them how to seize new growth opportunities, create new markets and even transform industries by recalibrating their whole organizational system around the paradigm of innovation. He is a popular keynote speaker with an upbeat presentation style. His big-picture insights, compelling observations and fresh business thinking have impressed a wide range of audiences in countless countries. He mixes insight, inspiration and information in a way that always leaves an audience feeling energized.

Kamona said that Debswana had, through its Strategy 2010, risen to the challenge of creating an innovation enabling environment by defining key pillars that are envisaged to be vital in driving its business performance into the future.
“These pillars are Revenue, Improvement, Cost Containment, Organizational Capacity and Organizational Sustainability,” she stated.
Additionally, Kamona explained that each of the pillars is driven by key levers through which significant value will be realized and cutting across these is the lever of innovation.

As part of Debswana’s external collaboration efforts, Komana pointed out that several organizations and individuals have been invited to the conference. These include Morupule Colliery, Botswana Institute of Engineers and the University of Botswana.


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