Sunday, May 22, 2022

Interior Designer Thandie Sibanda Opens Online Store

‘Feng shui’ÔÇöwhich is the art of creating harmonious surroundings to enhance the balance of the room with the correct positioning of furniture or decorations, is something many aren’t aware of. Decorating a room may come across as an easy task; however, there is creativity and skill involved in this intricate process. For Thandie Sibanda, turning a simple bland room into a gorgeous sanctuary is a profession that is highlighting her as one of Gaborone’s talented interior designers.

With her sleek style, it is evident that Thandie has an eye for exquisite taste. Contrary to her short petite frame, she has a way of capturing boldness in a room.

Growing up, Thandie was fascinated with art and during high school days, while juggling choices on which career to take, she came across interior design. “I was an art prodige with 100% academic aggregate in high school and somehow wanted to be an Architect. When I looked through application forms in my Business Studies class at St Patrick’s College, I saw this interesting course. I was fortunate enough to have understanding parents who let me study Interior Design at Greenside Design Center and it moulded me into the versatile contemporary Designer I am today,” says the 29 year old.

With a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Interior Design under her accomplishments, Thandie has blossomed into a versatile designer. Having done work on graphic design, architecture, product design, set design, art directing, Thandie has decided to open her own online store called ‘’ which focuses on art, d├®cor and lifestyle. “The shop is a platform for locally made, high quality and unique goods and the shop is aimed at the overseas high-end market in order to promote local goods internationally,” she explains. 

On her challenges, Sibanda highlights lack of support from local establishments: “Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to get a lot of local interest where I can stock Botswana made products as I have set off to do. We need to work together to build each other’s brands which is something that rarely happens,” she states.

“Currently I am finishing the design and architecture on a three year multi -residential resort project for an Australian-based client to be built in Gaborone. In addition, I am working on projects with an amazing group of three young creative entrepreneurs in South Africa. These projects include a homeware line as well as a distribution deal,” reveals Sibanda on her exciting recent projects. Locally, Thandie has worked for Lapologa Magazine and states that there is a project with a local creative that is undergoing. She also occasionally writes articles on interior design sites such as Propery24 and Thai Real Estate Hub.

Commenting on her future prospects, she says people have a lot to look forward to, “I am mostly looking forward to establishing my homeware and furniture range.  I am trying to take my career to a point where I can make a difference and improve lives as well as to be a change catalyst through creativity. There are a lot of areas to be improved with regards to the creative landscape in Africa and beyond,” enthuses the interior designer.

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