Saturday, September 23, 2023

Introducing ‘Conversations’ album

Conversations’ is a 9-piece smooth jazz, gospel, lead bass music album dropped on November 7th 2020.

This album is a fusion of ethnic and contemporary musical varieties & sounds that has collectively developed multi genre music compilation.

And like the title suggests, ‘conversations’ is basically a collection of profound and intimate conversations that I have had and still have with God first, with myself secondly and different people that I have had and still have an opportunity to relate with at a deeper level of understanding and self-expression in relation to life, purpose and self-discovery presented and shared in a musical medium.

The album presents a very fresh sound intermixing a little Gospel, a Smooth Jazz, and a lot of world, ethnic and traditional influences giving this project a unique sound that followers of such a blend have to really appreciate.

While this album offers a good deal of smooth and rhythmic jazzy vibes, The inspiration behind the writing and composing of the songs was rather quite spiritual more than it was musical.

I believe this can be attested to by songs such as ‘Confessions, ‘Conversations’ and ‘Wena Fela’ which were based on spiritual encounters that I experienced. I strongly believe Music is spiritual and it heals, soothes the heart and mind so it must be felt more than anything. The album also presents songs such as ‘Tributes’ which was basically me Paying Respects to each and every meaningful relationship, encounter, lesson, conversation or inspiration that has impacted my life, and thereby appreciating every individual who deposited positivity into my life, be it musically, spiritually or socially in a way that has ultimately challenged and opened me up to a bigger scope of understanding, self-development and self-realization which is basically the underlying foundation behind the entire project; Self Discovery and Purpose.

This album features some of the most talented and exceptional artists, musicians and vocalists whom I have had an honor to work with and learn from at a personal, musical and a spiritual level. Three of the tracks on the album features; Rrabotsepame the poet, an ethnic indigenous poet who featured on ‘Venerations to the groom’ and is the composer of the poem in the song, Poetess Nomi who is also an amazing writer and poet featuring on the title track ‘Conversations’, and lastly an exceptional saxophonist called Mopati Molosiwa who is the composer and producer of the track ‘Dreamer’ and he also played saxophone on most of the songs in the album. I have also had the honor of working with established musicians, the likes of Leroy Nyoni – a phenomenal drummer and producer, Thabo Chikova who is an exceptional Pianist and music director and Tashinga Shepherd who is also an exceptional Pianist and producer. I had the honor of working with Neo Beverly Batsovile, Charmain Mokgatitswane, and One Sejakgomo who according to me are the best vocal trio in the motherland and my go to dream team. Last but not least Thapelo E. Mokgatitswane of 7fm who did the videography production of the album, and finally From Pumi Soundz  Maleho ‘Lex’ Makgothi- The greatest engineer of all times who was in charge of the  recording, mixing and mastering for the entire project.

The album is currently available in physical copies, going for P 110. 00 Per CD and will soon are available on digital media platforms. To order a physical copy you can call or WhatsApp +267 76 521 535.

‘Yahweh Rohi’ My first EP that I released in January 2020, I will forever be grateful for because it allowed me to see that I can be as expressive as need be without fear of opinion, criticism and self-doubt, so now it’s time going forth it’s time to present the full dish and serve the Michael T. Mokgatitswane production in its entirety.  

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