Wednesday, September 28, 2022

Jealous royal arraigned for slapping girlfriend

A jealous member of the Nata royal family, who is quick with his fists, was this week arraigned at Urban Customary Court for assaulting his girlfriend, who he claimed was sleeping with her “Indian” bosses.

Maposa Chaka, (48), from Nata, was on Friday found guilty and fined P100 for assaulting his girlfriend, Nkemi Mogotsi, (49) a cleaner at Trade World.

Mogotsi told the court how, on the fateful Saturday, she had parted well with her boyfriend who had given her permission to attend a funeral in Mochudi.

While she was still waiting at the bus stop, he boyfriend showed up and told her that he had changed his mind. He ordered Mogotsi back home. When they got home, he accused her of having affairs with her “Indian” bosses and started pummeling her with fists and slaps.

The accused then handed himself over to police officers at Urban Police Station. According to court record, Chaka has a history of violence:
He was first found guilty for assault in 1978 by Serowe Customary Court and sentenced to flogging.

He was convinced of assault again in 1984 where the Tati Town (Francistown) Customary Court slapped him with a P50 fine.


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