Tuesday, October 3, 2023

Motlhokathari breaks silence on controversial outfit

Resego Motlhokathari’s outfit at the recently held Fashion Without Borders Africa show has been the talk of town.

Just when fans thought the issue had settled and was gathering dust, Motlhokathari’s picture landed on the American comedian, Shuler King’s hands. The comedian did not seem impressed.

Motlhokathari is a well-known media personality who charms everyone on set, be it television, radio and events. He is also known for his good taste in fashion. He has scooped many contracts with fashion companies and his fans never get enough of his clean look.

When he came on stage as the master of ceremony for the 6th Annual Fashion Without Borders Africa FWB held in Molapo Crossing, which took place on the 16th October this year, his outfit stirred up conversation and controversy.

The young man has been receiving raised eyebrows from fans about his sexuality although he has never responded to the speculations. Since the picture of his outfit trended on social media, most of his fans are questioning whether he is straight or not.

The twist on the outfit designed by Lesly Mmokele might be what stirred the talk; the top part, which was receiving a lot of attention, is half a suit blazer and half a ‘cocktail dress’ as the famous Shuler King put it in his video.

The American comedian who is known for ‘roasting’ people in his videos made an exclusive video on Motlhokathari’s outfit recently. His first reaction to the ‘cocktail suit’ was simply, ‘This ain’t it!’

Shuler King has over 1.1 million followers and how he got a hold of the celebrity’s picture is unknown perhaps like how it landed in many other countries.

In the video he made, Shuler King bashed the outfit altogether, calling it a ‘fashion NoNo’. He also said: “Don’t be combining stuff to make something new and groundbreaking because this isn’t it.”

In the fashion world however, people always get mixed feelings about outfits. A single outfit can be loved by many and hated by more. Motlhokathari’s loyal fans have also stated that the controversial outfit goes well with the idea of the event, Fashion Without Borders, and that perhaps the goal behind the outfit was to grab attention and stir conversations on fashion, sexuality and style.

The celebrity himself says he wore the outfit because he wanted to. He says he saw the comedian’s video but was not interested in watching it. He also says that he does not bother himself with social media buzz.

“If I leave the house and feel that I look good and I like it, then it’s OK. As a public viewer, how you see it and whether you feel it’s good for you or it’s not good for you, then it’s up to you. It’s your opinion and it’s OK.” he said calmly. The celebrity holds the view that everyone is entitled to feel however they feel and say whatever they want. His long-learned motto is that, “I come before people”. He says he puts himself first before the opinions of people. If he changes his outfit, it will be solely because he wants to and not because of the influence from people.

What he does not condone, he stressed, is when people publicly humiliate others based on their bodily structures. He says people who delight in mocking other people’s natural body features lose his respect and he does not forgive such. In this case, the gossip did not bother him because it was based on fashion.

He however says he is grateful for the attention and publicity he got both locally and internationally. He says this experience showed him the power of social media and he believes it provides the opportunity for him as a brand to grow globally.


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