Wednesday, January 19, 2022

Murdered Fairgrounds CEO’s father speaks out

The father of the murdered Chief Executive Officer CEO of Fair Grounds Holdings says his family is devastated by the loss of their son.

In a brief interview with The Telegraph, the deceased’s father Patrick Moyo said “my son’s death has devastated my family and it will take time for the family to come to terms with the loss especially the manner in which he was killed.” 

Moyo’s exclusive interview with this publication follows the arrest of three suspects by the police accused of killing Mike Montshiwa sometime last year at his house in Block 6 Gaborone.  

 “As you see I am the only one from my family attending the court proceedings but the rest of the family is unable to come face to face with the alleged murderers,” he explained. 

He said “I congratulate the police for the good work that they have so far done and I am quite happy about their investigations.”

However, Moyo said one thing that worries him is the fact that the police have not recovered the fire arm that was used to kill his son.

“I truly understand that you really want me to open up and give detailed information surrounding the death of my son but currently I am not in a good position to open up as you wish as the police are busy trying to put together information surrounding his death,” Moyo said.

He said he is optimistic “that God will give me strength to be able to attend all the court proceedings until the end.” 

Meanwhile the two suspects that were denied bail are scheduled to appear before the Village magistrate court on Tuesday this week and they are also likely to try apply for bail again.  

The state is expected to give the court an update on the latest development regarding the police investigation.

The two most critical issues that the state has to address the court on is whether the Police have managed to recover the fire arm that was used to commit the crime as well as the fourth suspect believed to be a South African.    

When contacted for comment Police spokesperson Senior Superintendent Dipheko Motube said “I would not want to comment much on the police investigations as that may somehow compromise our investigations.”

He added that “the police are busy with investigations and they are bearing fruits as the suspects have already been arrested.” 


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