Tuesday, April 20, 2021

“How sad to call Loose Canon a sexist rapist!”

Editor, First things first. I must confess that there is only one reason I always make sure I get my copy of The Sunday Standard on Saturdays.

It has become very difficult for me to sleep before I can lay my hands on this newspaper.

In fact, Outsa Mokone and his team should know how angry I get when I can’t get the newspaper at my regular outlet.

The truth of the matter is that I cannot stand to wait for Sunday or Monday to read Loose Canon’s column.

If it were not for Loose Canon I could just wait for Monday and read my complimentary copy.

Loose Canon has become part of what I have to consume over the weekends.

Loose Canon is undoubtedly the best column to have ever happened here.

From reading this column you realise that the author is well versed with issues that take place around us; locally and internationally.

Instead of being too serious, the guy chooses to turn these issues into humour.

This is where he gets my blessings.

He wants his readers to find rigid issues appear simple and humorous.

Any right thinking person would not be angered by what is written in Loose Canon column.

Only rapists, racists and sexists would take offence with what this guy writes.

I mean, this column, if you are a regular reader, does not aspire to inspire, advice or even degrade anyone.

Instead, Loose Canon engages all aspects of people.

It is so naïve to label him racist when in all his columns the guy mentions of how he so badly wants to fall in love with a white woman.

He always talks about sex. So what?

Sex is a daily activity in our lives.

What Loose Canon writes is what he thinks and not what you should necessarily heed as advice.

He is just putting his thoughts on paper.

Therefore, I think only fools can be so hurt by a column like this one.

Please leave this column alone.

Loose Canon does not only talk about whites, he talks about all races.

In fact he always writes good things about white people so I do not understand why people should be making so much noise. Is it because they have loose minds?

To Loose Canon I say, keep the candle burning, I can’t wait for the next column.


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